• My Helleborus ~ Christmas Rose

    My Christmas Rose, commun name of the Helleborus, in a pot on my terrace, is finally flowering !
    It has been hanging down under a layer of snow during several days, it did not suffered from the freezing cold of january, but was silent resisting and enduring all the bad demons of winter season,  and now ...  it is showing all its splendour.
    First picture I took is a composition from end of november till beginning january.
    Second is taken during the month of february  and last combination is march, the actual view. 
    helleborus 1

    helleborus 2

    helleborus 3

    Of course you all know that it is a medicinal plant (used by Alexander the Great, though history also tells us that he died of a overdosis), so it is also a poisonous plant (diarrhea...), but it would be also used by withches ... to call upon demons. The name Helleborus comes from Greek and means literally : food from hell.    And the name of 'Christmas Rose' would have been given because it was sprouted in a snow covered landscape from tears of a little girl on a Christmas eve without any gifts ...

    Meanwhile I am happy this jewel survived one more winter in his pot and is blooming in these early spring-days. So, with my forsythia, it is giving me a beautiful view on my terrace, where I am enjoying a cup of coffee, after a cloudy raining week; I wear yet a big sweater - I admit that a few degrees more would be nicer. But that will come ! 


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  • A lire, relire, toujours avec autant de plaisir ......

    Pour Info :  Vu vos mails me demandant plus de renseignements sur les points de vente, voici liste de différents sites/lieu (cliquez sur votre choix).


    Proxis        Fnac         Jeu de Mailles          Amazon           A la Page        Decitre       Eyrolles         Mollat         Sauramps         Le Guide      


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  • Creativa Brussels ~ 2009

    Here a few pictures of quilts from Creativa Brussels.  I was there for some demonstration with the round knitting rings and the crotat (hereunder a photo of me...) on the stand of Jeu de Dames (see other posting)

    I had also a few quilts in exhibition, together with Lutgard Gerber-Billiau.

    My favourite of her quilts ?

    lutgard 1

    This is the largest one of the four black and white collages on a frame. I love it because it is sober and rich, all at the same time.  Would also be great at home on my wall... 

     lutgard 6



    This green one is a part of five (continents and different colours). Only three were shown, because we had those (horrible for an exhibition...)   lilac-pink  walls, and a red quilt and yellow quilt of Lutgard  was just not getting the sparkle they deserved. You could be woundering why they don't put grey walls ...   it  would be so much better to get the best of all the colours, anything put on a grey wall would be fantastic. 





    My quilts displayed ...  two wall-quilts with an african theme

    out of africa2

    out of africa 3 ter


    On this last one, a lot of elephants in buttons or garments were attached

    elefant bells argentelefant bouton corneelefant boutonselefant boutons deuxelefant doré cousu

    what brings me to the special exhibition of the Belgian Quilters Guild on the theme of Asia with two wonderful pieces of embroidery from Nepal
    ==> here a detail 

    kleine nepal olifant 

    I had also my quilt with Silk, Lace and black cotton shown - thanks to the persons who came on my stand telling me they loved it.  I'll tell more about that quilt in another post.

    me(picture taken by a colleague)


    I also loved the exhibition that "les Tissus du Chien Vert" had about the silk route. Many wonderfull rolls of silk were tempting, but I resisted (not the ribbons and braids... I had the excuse that they were cheap and beautiful) 

    chien vert weefgetouw

    chien vert kader galons

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  • Great news from Prym Consumer

    As well at the SMAC as at the H&H fair, Prym Consumer presented great new tools. For al those of us who are using the 'stitch ripper' (large or small), they developped one that fits perfectly in your hand : it has an ergonomic handle. Just like the new 'awl' and for the 'mending needle'.  You might wonder who is still using a mending needle, because we don't repair  a ladder in our nylons anymore...  I use it often at my sewing machine, when I have to direct a small seam (it is fine enough so I still see what I'm doing), when I do couching and my yarn or small ribbon is sneaking away, when I do fine crochet-work or cro-tat and I need to tear my thread through .... a very easy little tool.
    Other special features : the protection cap of the stitch ripper and mending needle is also used as a handle extension (so you won't loose it !) and there is a little gap between the protective cap and tool so that you can attach a cord and hang it around your neck or, if you have a board on the wall of your studio, on a hook.  From the awl you also put the protective cap in the handle so that it fits lake a ball in the palm of your hand; that makes it very pleasant to work with.
    There is also the tracing wheel (tooth- and smooth one) : it is not only for seamstresses and dressmakers ! It is also useful for embroiderers and I use the smooth one for my straight quilting lines, especially on fragile organza or silk (nothing to glue on it, no marks that you might not remove because water is not an option-certainly when you include other materials than fabric.


    And the other new items are the bags-cases to range and carry all our stuff.  They are in a leather look, very elegant and a real eye-catcher. Difficult to choose a favourite one : one day my preference is going to the bag with the rounded lid, then it is the trolley, and then the bag again...



    Pym's developing & protected design is well done, don't you find ?

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  • Cro-Tat ~ Frivolité au Crochet

    Vu sur le site du Fnac  (cliquez sur couverture)



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  • H&H - SMAC >>> accessories

    What else to tell you about the new things  ...

    Don't throw away the decor fastenings you already have, because they are still in use for the next months.
    You can use it on all kind of scarves-shawls-stoles and vests-cardigans, with or without the ring : depends on your knitting/crochet-work : if it is done in big open stitches you can use just the stick to keep it all closed.


    It is either this closure on a vest, 

                      or buttons in all kind of colours, materials, shapes, sizes.

    Here a few of my collection for next projects : IMG_3570

    So you can change the buttons of your garments for next seasons. The assortment in beautiful ones is incredible these days and more and more variation is coming, because it is an important part of your clothes. Just by changing the buttons, you change the whole style of your vest :  from a very classic,  you make a trendy one ;  a very sober one is changed in a minimum of time in a very colourful.
    Click on following links to see the next trends; thus you have an idea of what kind of style you'd like to have.

     Knopf-und-Knopf    Prym Trends

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  • H&H - SMAC >>> "yarn" News

    So here some news from the professional fairs H&H and SMAC.

    Where last year I found a lot of dark tones in all kind of yarns, we are going to see more colour in next months. Every brand of thread/yarn has got a remarkable variety in tints and shades. It is not only black and grey and aubergine and dark green anymore : I saw  a lot of blues, greens, yellows, reds ... more than the rainbow can offer you ! So we will be blooming next seasons ! 
    The multicoloured  sox-yarn is now available at most of the brands. Though Opal still have the most vivid colours and the best transitions in motifs (my humble opinion).  The patterns differs as you knit or crochet on more or less stitches, so even if it is a sock-yarn, you get beautiful effects by working it in other garments.  Fun to wear and certainly fun to make.
    Also a lot of choice in the 'variable colour blended' yarns: some say they are 'hand-tainted' yarns, although I get my doubts on the 'hand-made' of some... But that is another polemic.   

    One of my favourites (saddened also un expensive one...) is still the yarn from NORO .     , even though I bought recently the 'baby lace merino'  yarn from MALABRIGO,  which feels wonderful mm_richchocolate, (this colour is named rich-chocolate....) .   
    That brings me to the kind of yarns that are coming up : a lot of merino, pure wool and alpaca on the labels, not that much mohair, or it is in combination with other material. Al that alpaca  will make very 'soft to wear' pullovers and vests. I'd love to start knitting one.   I saw also some knitted dresses, but this is not for my size...  it would be great on my daughters body. 
    LANG Yarns Alpaca Superlight 2

     This is a sample of Lang Yarns Superlight Alpaca : it gives a very fine structured work.
    Another difference with last season that I noticed, is that every brand had garments made of different stitch-patterns. You want to knit something fancy ? Do a mix of one pattern in stitches in the body of your pullover, and do the collar and border in another stitch-pattern, and you'll be up to date.



    LANA GROSSA Linea_Pura Verde(merino_alpaca) This is from Lana Grossa   and


    ONLINE Unie4Starwool (100%merinowool)  from ON Line.








     Also a blending of different yarns : use a fantasy voluminous yarn for collar and borders, in the same tint as the body, like this vest I adore in the new collection of the spanish brand  KATIA.
    KATIA 3 KATIA Tierra and Astrakan  SUPERB !!!


    We already now the Big Ball Funny from Stoehler&Stahl, the one with the big bobbles every inch. You see it now in other brands to. Katia has it also (Big Snow   and another similar = Hobby). They also have another new one,  the same principle as the ones with pompons, but with rounded knitted pieces between. Like you would have been knitting with the mini-knitting-mill (with four pegs) alternating finer thread. Difficult to explain, but it makes a wonderfull collar on a  jacket. 
    Just for the info : on the site of Katia they have easy tutorial-videos for knitting and crochet !

    And then of course you have a choice in materials : bamboo, silk, soja, linen, hemp, cotton, viscose, yak or lama wool if not from a common sheep...

    This is seen at LANA GROSSA : LANA GROSSA Cinque






    and still at LANG Yarns  :  LANG YARNS Carezza and Space






    From GEDIFRA  I remember the deep warm colours :



    BERGERE DE FRANCE had a new sweet-smelling yarn : yes ...  it is calming you while you knit or crochet, and it keeps during ten washings ! And it comes in a few soft colours.

    ROWAN had a special area for its anniversary-exhibition  with knitwork of all their best knitters (among them of course Kaffe Fassett)



    I've got some links that might interest you, I can't mention them all, so sorry if I forgot one of your favorites (!)
    Even if it is over the ocean and you don't want to order, you have a good view on different colours and brands.

    Diamond   Got Yarn   The Yarn Co    Angel Yarns     & also these brands :  Artesano     Mondial   Adriafil    Plassard   Debbie Bliss   

    Closer to home ... leslaines.com   Jeu de Mailles  Bobinette et Co   Laine et fil et bla-bla-bla    Wolboetiek   Lana en Wolwinkeltje   and probably many more                         
    So this was it for now.



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  • Drie weken maken het verschil

    forsythia 1_7mars09forsythia 5_220309



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