• H&H Koëln - III

    Knitwear,  Yarns,  Crochet, ....

    The tendence of last winter was one with a lot of structure in knitwear, crochet, yarns.
    Well, that's still going on.
    Either you see bulky woollen sweaters, or a lot of cables and structured stitches, or lacy light knitting-work.
    If there's some plain knitting, then there will be a structured or pleated border.
    A lot of draped collars or shawls too.

    knitwear structure

    Look at these details

    knitwear details

    The right beneath one, with the pleated collar and some "diamonds" is a sweater in the new yarn of Amy Butler (at Rowan)...

    Take also out of the drawers all your brooches or make some new ones, like this flower made of zippers.

    Big buttons or if you don't like making buttonholes, use  the shawl pins. Easy and versatile, especially with draped jackets and stoles.

    What's coming up is certainly color !
    Still a lot of grey (all tones mixed), and the traditional deep-and-warm-aubergine-prune-burgundy-kaki-green-brown winter colors.

    But  there's also a tendens to go bright en dazzling !

    knitwear yarns colorsknitwear yarns color texture

    And we don't forget the kids : a lot of little hooked flowers to add for our little princesses !!

    And also a lot of cuddly animals to keep them company ...

    knitwear kids

    Those of you who loves Intarsia-knitting will find everything she need at Rowan !
    I've seen wonderful sweaters and jackets...

    knitwear intarsia






    And certainly not to forget

     the GRANNY mania is going on !! 
    With a centerpiece in felt or woollen fabric, incorporated in knitwear, round, square, flowers  ... 

    knitwear grannys

    There was, to present all this, not only beautiful stands with models and mannequins ...
    also  several times a day, we could assist at a show where the new pieces of some brands could be seen. And they were moving and dancing and swirling and ...

    knitwear show

    As you see, we'll have also to knit or hook a lot of berets and caps and hats in similar colors or yarns to our jackets ... I guess they expect a winter as cold as we just had :-)

    And at last

     the most beautiful stand of yarns ...


    They started with variegated sock-yarns, and they have now so many different designs and colors,   and added now more solid colors and very very beautiful hand-dyed hanks .
    And so beautifully presented under a lot of spring blossoms ... very very nice to look at and to walk under !

    knitwear opal

    Tomorrow I'll be back with a tiny little thing ... something special ... usefull for knitters ... and so fun !

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  • H&H Koëln - II

    What I noticed on the fair is
    that we'll have to make our bags ourselves
    because there were plenty of them in embroidered canvas, knitwear, crochet, all kind of fabrics, as well patchwork as firmer fabrics, ...
    Difficult to make a choice.
    Here's a little sample of what I saw and liked


    You see that we'll have to use colors (I like these !)
    and you'll use handles of fabric or handles that are ready in shops.
    All kinds, all styles, 
    don't be afraid of experimenting something !

    Prym has got also some new models on the market. Here's the collection, in a PDF file


    Embroidery is also very actual and the choice of style is huge.
    What catched my eye ? 
    Many kits are available, and for those who just need threads .... lots of tones and colors, and many variegated threads.
      Here and there you also saw some additional stuff in the embroidered pieces, like fabrics, beads, ... 
    And the presentations were very nice to look at ! 
    The left piece on this following picture, was hung onto the hanger  like the
    big swedish furniture shop is selling :-)  and I found it a nice idea.


    What brings me to the furnishing of the stands
    Some were very sober, some very luxurious, some very original and fun to discover.

    Here is one with the chicken above the shelves with wool and felt with just the same colors as you could find in those racks, and one with bags made of handspun wool.


    And this one with buttons and felt and fabrics : very nice too


    This gives you already ideas to start working at a "welcome" ornament for your door ... because we all have some buttons and ribbons left, don't we ?   Otherwise, look in the shops :-)


    See you tomorrow for some knitwear ....


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  • H&H Koëln - I

    Well,  here we are  :
    reposed, and my head full of ideas ...
    That's always the problem of coming home : my brain exploding of new things that I absolutely want to try out, to create, to explore,... and not enough time in a day. 
    But I'm not complaining because I'm lucky to see all those new stuff and it keeps one young using the inside of the "skull" :-)

    First of all, there is the fantastic news that Prym has won the ...  Red Dot Award  for the ergonomic tools !


    And  that is a major award ! 

    There are already tools like the small and big seam-ripper, in the shops, and the new ones will be available in autumn - see more about it all -> here

    That means that all the personnel on the Prym stand was  justly  Happy !! and thus me too !! 


    There are also a lot of other new items to come into the shops. And one of these is the mini steam-iron : just a toy that you need to have ! It's a wonderful light little iron with a max of power, just as us, women and quilters-sewers ...



    And then we have the new brochures with clear, simple and very easy explanations so that you can customize garments, see more here


    Prym Consumer will also distribute the Knit-Pro needles  and in autumn they'll even have a new exclusif design !



    All the new items are to be downloaded or seen here (pdf-file)

    So it was a festive H&H for Prym, with a lot of customers on the stand ... and ...
    with all that new material ... 
    we'll have fun in the next days, weeks, ....

    Hope you'll be back tomorrow, because this story of news  continues ....




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  • un peu de repos ...

    Aujourd'hui, debout avec une heure de décalage (j'aime pas !),
    encore fatiguée de hier (voire plus loin), surtout les pieds ... Lachen 
    mais tellement contente de voire un beau soleil et - finalement -  le printemps qui pointe un bon bout de son nez !

    Ma terrasse re-devient vivante, colorée, agréable à vivre ...
    j'ai mis un beau gros pull (il fait quand même encore frisquet), j'ai ma tasse de café, mon ordi sur les genoux,  et je me régalle  pleinement  avec  ceci


    Et puis, maintenant, je vais commencer à trier mes photos que j'ai prises hier à ...

    H&H Koëln,  le salon international pour professionnels du textile.
    Beaucoup de fabricants de différents pays y viennent montrer  leurs nouveautés pour tricot, crochet, patchwork, broderie, ...  
     pour que grossistes et revendeurs y font de belles grosses commandes,
    pour que, par la suite,  les commerçants puissent remplir leur magasins,
    et pour que vous toutes (et moi) vont pouvoir faire des emplettes et
    par la suite créer et faire de belles choses à porter, à chérir, à offrir,
    à montrer à notre tour à tant d'autres ....  
    Bref, c'est un peu une belle histoire sans fin que j'adore parcourir d'année en année!

    Donc là, il va me falloir quelques heures à mettre de l'ordre,
    à vous faire les compte-rendus, les histoires, les détails à tenir à l'oeil, ... et mes coups de coeur, ...
    de sorte que vous puissiez commencez à travailler avec une petite vue sur l'hiver prochain !

    Mais d'abord
    je vais un peu profiter de cette belle matinée !!

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  • ta-da 'music' !!!

    I don't like  to sew zippers and avoid it mostly of the time.
    But now ...
    I'd found a wonderful lace-zipper at "L'Aiguille en Fête" in Paris, 
    and I absolutely had to use it in a little bag.
    I found a tutorial (here you can click on EN of FR version !) and I followed step by step the instructions, very clear and simple,
    made my bag even larger than explained,
    in another shape, 
    and           ....              here it is !

    You see on the first picture the front and  back side,
    made with fabrics recovered from different pieces :
    the upper linen is a leftover from a  skirt of Vanessa,
    the middle piece is a  silk-sample I bought in Lyon,
    the lowest fabric is also made of flax and comes from a napkin.
    Then I added some appliqué motifs from Prym
    (ref. 926.536 & 926.370), a butterfly and two dragonflies
    (just had to iron, but fixed it a little with my blue sewing thread),
    and a (slippery)  ribbon with "to dream" on.
    Inside I used one of the slik fabrics Vanessa gave me from one of her Asian trips,

    and then, the most important part,
      the lace-zipper ...
    A beautiful flower black lace-zipper.



     I love it !!!

    Have a nice week-end you too !

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  • candle lights

    Look   at   my   latest   discovery   !!! 

    My   favorite   dessert ,   not  to  eat,
     but  as    ...
    little    candles

    macaron candle

    I  don't  think  I'll   ignite  them  ...   they  are   soooo cute   and  lovely  to  look  at ...
     and  I  can't  imagine   they'll  consume  right. 

    Anyway,  I've  got  enough  other  candles  to  light and  to  cheer up  the   - still -   fresh   evenings.

    Meanwhile   I  noticed   that   Carla   has  put  some  pictures   from  our   Haapsalu workshop  on  her  blog.
    Remember,  it  was  in  Antwerp  at  the  shop  of  Lana  on  the   31th  of  january ... 
    Carla  took  a  very  good  picture  of  the  shop !



    I'm  the  one  with  the  beige  sweater.  Apparently  I  was  the  only  one  who  didn't  had  it  warm  that  day   ... 
    Look   behind  me   on  the   wall  ... a  very  beautiful   Haapsalu  shawl  !


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  • workshop

    I already told you last friday, that I gave a workshop at Nadine's place.
    It was the one that has been postponed - for all kind of reasons - from precedent work-season.
    Everytime a date was fixed, something came up and made us move up to the next date ... 
    until we finally succeeded to find a 'blanco' page in our agenda.

    It's a one-day-workshop where students could choose from two flowers in felt. Not needle-felting, or wet-felting ... no,  these are flowers that you sew on the machine !
    Therefore you use the sheets of felt  or  felt as a fabric. You can find those in any hobby- or sewingshop or on fairs.

    It's from the book 'Fresh Felted FLowers' from Lynne Farris;
    here's a link where you can
    look inside and have a glimpse of all the other flowers.
    Because I took only two of them : the gerbera and the magnolia.

    Voilà :  my examples


    And now,  you see the fingers at work:
      marking, pinning, cutting, sewing, ....




    There are many other flowers to make, but I had to make a choice,
    and those two seemed to me    to be the best to explain all the tricks and traps Verstomd 

    And the results after a hard day work ? Tong uitsteken 

    Have a look on a warm red gerbera and
    classy cream magnolia !


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  • oef !

    Na wat perikelen bij mijn provider staan de foto's en alle teksten weer goed zichtbaar en leesbaar op mijn blog.
    Enerzijds nogal vervelend dat ik niet kon posten, anderzijds niet leuk voor jullie natuurlijk, want jullie zien nikske.
    En dat juist op mijn blog's '500ste  dag van haar bestaan'.
    Of zou ik beter moeten zeggen van zijn bestaan ? want dat zit wel complex ineen, en al dat computer-programmatie-gedoe lijkt me eerder van het  mannelijke genre ... ;-)

    Heb ondertussen dus wat rondgeklikt naar andere bloggers en ontdek dus zowel bizarre dingen, als leuke instructieve. Eentje wil ik jullie niet ontzeggen : alle vriendinnen zijn er weg van (ironisch te lezen natuurlijk) en ik heb bij de collega's effen geinformeerd naar de kleurkeuze, eventueel voor een afscheids-souvenir volgend jaar als ik stop met werken ... een vroege één april ??

    gevonden bij Knitty waar ik beland ben via Mélusine ...  

    Waar halen ze het uit ?????


    Et oui, ne vous effrayez pas : trouvé chez Mélusine  qui vous envoie gentiment vers Knitty pour avoir le patron ... 

    Y a-t-il vraiment quelqu'un qui va tricoter cette chose ??

    Je n'ose pas m'imaginer la tête du très cher en ouvrant son cadeau pour la st.valentin ...

    En blaguant j'avais demandé à mes collègues leur taille et leur choix de couleur, pour faire des petits cadeaux souvenir quand je partirai l'an prochain .... un 1 avril précoce ;-)

    Trouvé en voyageant dans d'autres blogs, faute de pouvoir faire quelque chose dans le mien.
    Car mon blog était invisible, puis il y avait des lettres mais pas de photos, puis il y avait à nouveau rien ....  Des problèmes chez mon "provider" qui rencontrait des difficultés dans son serveur. Toutes des explications fort techniques dont je ne comprends pas grand chose !

    Mais maintenant, tout est rentré dans l'ordre et
    je vous envoie donc un ' bonsoir '    et un   ' à  demain ' 
    avec la photo du hall d'entrée de mon immeuble
     (j'ai le bonheur de pouvoir m'en charger  et
    je m'amuse donc à chaque fête ou changement de saison  pour en changer le décor !)



    C'est plus joli que la première photo,  non ?



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  • let's have a party !!

    Today is once again a festive day !!
    y blog - this one and only -  is 500 days old.
    That's worth celebrating it !!


    It's amazing how those days passed quickly ... 
    Also amazing are the numbers of messages I've posted in that time ...
    and most amazing of all : the people I've met virtually !!  
    I created this blog on a calm cold saturday,  8 november 2008 -- not in 5 minutes, as publicity suggests - 
    it took me a while before I had everything under control  [ I'm not an IT-analyst ... ;-) ]
    So the age of my blog is actually 500 days, 
    that means 500 nights too, 71 weeks, some 12.000 hours, 720.000 minutes ...  
    and you've been plenty to join me in this adventure during  many, many of those minutes. 
    That's why,  I say to all of you : THANK YOU !!! 
    What else to know ? 
    This blog saw the light under the astrological sign Scorpio, 
    just like me  ...  
    I was born some days later, but many years before, of course.
      And ...  I have also Scorpio as my zodiac ascendants 
    ==> so, folks,   this is pure  passionate Scorpio stuff !
    For those who don't have any Scorpio around, and you believe in astrologic explanations :
    the Scorpio is the most misunderstood sign....
    It's the searcher of the zodiac and has an insatiable desire for knowledge on every level.
    They all are ( or seem to be ...)  emotional beings, spontaneous, uncommon, very passionate, unrelenting, elusive,  very determinated, strange and full of contrasts, not afraid of obstacles ... they want it all ! 
    Briefly : life of a scorpio is challenging, but there'll never be a dull moment.
    Hope my blog radiates that too !
    Of course, they don't have all just qualities ... some negative points ?  
    Resentful, compulsive and obsessive, secretive and obstinate, excessive, having no half measures in their attitude, although corteous, if they become aroused, there's no fury equal to the Scorpio .....
    (but these are all ...  minor details Lachen ;-)
    I learned on the web that my birthstone (as well of my blog)
    is the Citrine, which is said to help one connect with Spirit.
    Some (Tibet, jewelers, Ayurvedit Indian medecine,...)   consider also  the yellow topaz, a pearl and a diamond (fantastic !!), the ruby, and all red stones to be a Scorpio's birthstone ...
    Lucky me !
    My birth tree is a Walnut Tree,  and that  stands for a broad horizon ...
    The scorpio is also referred by astrologers as a fixed water (ice) sign.
    But I don't like water .....
    And with all this information,  you can now do as I .... Enjoy your day !

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  • nostalgie ... the last one

    Hope you're all fine at your computer for this new beginning of another week.

    So here are the last pics from some "old books" I wanted to share with you .

    26272829303132pub1pub2pub3finfinal paques

    And this is one from an old Burda ...


    Have a nice day  

    Smile !  It makes others wondering what you're thinking ....


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