• abat-jour & lampadaire lampadaire & abat-jour


    À mon retour de Ste Marie aux Mines (le Carrefour Européen du Patchwork) il y avait dans ma valise mes vêtements, trousse de toilette, sèche-cheveux et plus et …  mes achats bien sûr.
    Et c’est ce dernier truc qui est –tout compte fait- la partie la plus intéressante car la créative que je suis, peut s’occuper pendant un bon moment et c’est donc le truc que j’aime le plus.

    Un passage chez Dominique Jouvenet est quasi une routine dans un salon. Avec toutes ces antiquités relatées à la couture et textile, du chanvre et des tissus anciens, des vieux boutons et rubans, et tant d’autres belles choses qui ont une âme et une histoire … je rentre toujours avec un achat.

    Est-ce que j’entends vous dire : « Avec quoi est-elle rentrée? »  Oh non, il ne faut pas aller voir le post de septembre, vous ne trouverez pas!!! Je l’avais caché …

    C’est … une grande bobine en bois. 

    J’en avais déjà quelques-unes, mais là j’ai pris le grand modèle et … le nécessaire pour en faire un petit lampadaire!
     Et puis il me restait quelque part au fond d’une armoire un abat-jour en papier,  pas très joli (c’est pour cela que je le cachais).
     J’aurais pu faire comme avec mes autres abat-jours : coller une collerette en dentelle ou un large ruban en dentelle ;
    mais je le voulais plus baroque, plus chargé.

    Alors j’ai sorti plein de morceaux de mes anciennes et nouvelles dentelles.
    J’y ai coupé des nouvelles petites pièces – si, si j’ai osé y mettre les ciseaux !!!
    Et j’ai commencé à arranger mes dentelles tout autour du vilain abat-jour en papier.
    D’abord avec de la colle temporaire, puis avec quelques coups de brosse et une colle-vernis et mon projet de ce « dimanche-froid-dehors-chaud-dedans » est fini !!

    C’est vrai que mon abat-jour, il est un peu petit comparé au pied, mais en attendant, il fera l’affaire. 
    En attendant quoi ?
    Je dois encore adapter une autre bobine en bois (plus petite) avec un nouvel grand abat-jour (encore à dénicher …) et je ferais l’échange entre ces deux hauts et bas.

    Vous me suivez ? Non ? Alors voici en images les étapes et ainsi vous verrez ce qui m’a relaxé pendant ces quelques heures.

    1 spools.jpg

    2 spools lamp.jpg

    3 spools lampshade.jpg

    4 spool one side.jpg

    5 spool other side.jpg

    6 lampshades collection.jpg

    7 with cactuss.jpg

    Bonne semaine à vous tous et toutes, ou d’abord toutes et puis tous …



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  • a little update

    Hello everyone, 

    a little update of my banner -picture and heigth- and my column has got also a little chirurgical intervention.

    The look is slightly different now, I thought it might have a change, since the new layout of this summer.
    And of course it's also because I love changing stuff ...
    &  surprise...
     I managed to work on my HTML of my blogs' layout.
    I'm so proud of myself that I could adapt the width and the height,
    and I found the button to copy from Word,
    because I write my messages first in Word
    (it's easier to manipulate the text-layout than immediately on the blog platform).
    You might have noticed that in my precedent post the lettertypes changes ... that is due to that copying with the wrong button ... it was not planned this way Verrast

    So yes, my sunday is a good sunday.

    Here for all of you, the bouquet flowers I've got from Vanessa&Mathieu for my birthday on the 20th.

    Look how wonderful it still is !!!


    A good sunday !!!! hope for all of you just the same ...

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  • Ensor Revealed

    James Sidney Ensor, Baron Ensor (°13-4-1860/19-11-1949), a Belgian painter who is best known from his unique portrayals of grotesque humanity, but also a well-known printmaker and draughtsman.

    There is no single label that describes his visionary work. He was a precursor of 20th-century expressionism and surrealism.

    This year is the 150th anniversary of his birthday, thus we could expect some exhibitions to celebrate this.


    One of the most important is the one I was lucky to visit with my Vanessa            “ENSOR REVEALED” (click)


    Why is this exhibition special? You’ll see the drawings connected with the paintings; you’ll see a painting that his friend Willy Finch made next to his painting, side by side. It’s very interesting!

    I enjoyed every minute of it because we had a guided tour and –lucky us– it was a very passionate guide telling us stories and anecdotes “à volonté”.

    I’ll start first with showing you the poster of the exhibition

    1 ensor affiche.jpg



    Did you notice how the mask (in close-up) has got a resemblance with the nose of Michael Jackson? Or did he got inspired by Ensor paintings???  OOOhhh-))


    I’m not going to talk about Ensor’s live and all the future artists he

     influenced; instead I’ll give you several links.


    So if you’re interested, don’t hesitate and click! On some sites you can change the

    language to French or Dutch.





    Anyway, I’ll show you some of my favorites.

    2 oostende.jpg

    His views of the nature at the seaside are stunning – so much light and colors. 

    I love the paintings of Monet because of the light he captured and the calm they radiate, and I love the paintings of Ensor for this too, but also for his use of colors and the energy they emit.

    They look so modern in this 21st century, even painted more than hundred years ago!


    3 ensor hat.jpg


    If I take away the beard of Ensor’s face, I find some resemblance with Mathieu…

    Here’s his self-portrait and his sister eating oysters


    4 ensor and sister.jpg



    And after the guide tour, we had a “walking dinner” with delicious food.

    We started with the ‘cold’ fish, different smoked, steamed, and some vegetables
    (we don’t eat oysters, so this we passed).

    Then we had the ‘warm’ dishes (also fish and even quiche with fish) and some potatoes.

    Then came the dessert buffet … mmmmm … little sweeties from Wittamer,

    some mini ‘waffles’ and ‘poffertjes’ (mini-mini pancakes) and fresh fruit.

    And all with champagne and white wine ….

    You know? 

     I soooooo enjoyed my evening with Vanessa and Ensor!

    5 ensor elder.jpg


    And, this I also have to tell you!

    Some years ago, I had several real “Ensor’s” in my hands???

    OOOhhh yes!

    Even an authentic René Magritte and (at least on some moments in the month)

    also an Adolphe Sax!!!!

    Don’t you have a clue?

    Look, you might have also walked with them in your pockets …

    6 100.jpg

    7 200.jpg

    8 500.jpg

    Have a nice weekend - snowy or not, with a lot of art in your pockets or not …

    just a good time !


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  • translucent white

    Are we going to have the same kind of winter as last one?
    One day a little snowing,
    then a few days it’s becoming a mish-mash of dirty-wetly-stuff-that-sticks-on-the-shoes and
    then again a little fresh snowing that melts so quickly …

    Why I wonder? Well look what we had this morning:


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  • updated list

    I've updated my list in the column on the left "have a link-look" with some other websites offering free patterns as well crochet, knitting, and other crafts.

    Ik heb mijn lijst hier links  wat bijgewerkt met vooral de websites waar je gratis patronen kan downloaden.

    Regardez dans ma liste "have a link-look" : j'y ai rajouté quelques sites qui donnent des patrons gratuits que ce soit en crochet, tricot ou autres passe-temps.


    Have a nice day !!

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  • first snow is falling

    Ooohh here it is!  

    The first snow drops of the season are falling from a grey sky.

    It’s not yet the white carpet on the ground,
    therefore it’s not cold enough,
    but it’s the sign that Season Winter is telling 

      “I’m coming” !!



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  • PAPRIKA giveaway

     I hear you asking 'what is ViDerTextil' trying to do ? Give away a  paprika ???

     no ... it's the shop Paprika Cotton, wel known if you visit fairs, or if you live in Tournai-Doornik or the regio, or if you visit their website : http://www.paprikacotton.be/ or .... anyway here is more to read about this shop and their very nice young owners

    www.paprikacoton.blogspot.com (patchwork)

    www.paprikawool.blogspot.com ( laines)

    So I'm not very lucky with games and raffles, but I participate in this little game !  You too ???? 


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  • Secret Garden - Laken

    secret garden.jpg



    le tout bruxelles ira donc chez SECRET GARDEN, pour dire un petit bonjour à Véronique et Johny et pour - évidemment !- se laisser tenter par toutes ces jolies choses qu'ils vont trouver dans cette caverne d'Ali Baba  oohhh!!!!!

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  • Yesterday was an awesome day!


    Cards from friends: here Véronique & Johnny and Liliane’s cards, they’re so beautiful and really “ME” …

    And then all the good sweet stuff to eat … going to have to buy new clothes …

    Ooohh … I’m spoiled this year


    Got a lot of little presents too : flowers, a big big big bouquet from Vanessa and Mathieu, lavender items, pincushion and threads from Jannie from Alkmaar, chocolates …  

     A lot of messages and mails from friends and nice comments on my precedent post here,

    Thus many many times “thank you”!!!


    birthday too.jpg

    Yesterday I also went with Liliane to Cocoon (a big ‘interior furnishing’ fair here in Brussels).

    It was first day of the event and we saw a lot of beautiful things. 

     Look at some snaps I took.




    3_ambiance noel.jpg

    As I’m having to move out again because my proprietor wants to occupy his own apartment and thus I have to settle in another place, (don’t worry, I found a nice flat in the same city, free next year), so I was looking for ideas of wallpaper for my new flat and I saw some very beautiful ones. Came home with a lot of ideas …

    Also for Christmas decorations: no black and white anymore, no blue and gold, just the good traditional greens and reds and white = the colors as I love, and some bling-bling and furry-stuff.

    Thus … I had a wonderful birthday!



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  • it's my birthday ...

    I’m not 56! I’m only 36 … with 20 years’ experience

    Et quand j’entends dire  :

    Il y a tellement de bougies sur le gâteau d’anniversaire … que l’air en est pollué 

    Je réponds :
    -  oui mais -
    le gâteau sera chaque année de plus en plus grand pour pouvoir y mettre toutes ces bougies !

    Picnik collage.jpg

    Voici encore quelques phrases remplies de sagesse   

    Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.    Mark Twain

    I will never be an old man.
    To me, old age is always 15 years older than I am.
         Francis Bacon

    Mon âge ? Cela dépend, Madame, de vos intentions.    Alfred Capus

    Age is not a particularly interesting subject. Anyone can get old. All you have to do is live long enough.     Don Marquis

    Un peintre a l'âge de ses tableaux ; un poète a l'âge de ses poèmes ; un scénariste a l'âge de ses films. Seuls les imbéciles ont l'âge de leurs artères.    Henri Jeanson

    An archaeologist is the best husband a woman can have. The older she gets the more interested he is in her.     Agatha Christie

    Il ne faut pas chercher à rajouter des années à sa vie, mais plutôt essayer de rajouter de la vie à ses années.    JF Kennedy

    Middle age is the awkward period when Father Time starts catching up with Mother Nature.     Harold Coffin

    Personne n'est jeune après quarante ans mais on peut être irrésistible à tout âge.    Coco Chanel

    No man is ever old enough to know better.     Holbrook Jackson

    Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.     Samuel Ullman

    Old age adds to the respect due to virtue, but it takes nothing from the contempt inspired by vice; it whitens only the hair.     Ira Gershwin

    Il est prouvé que fêter les anniversaires est bon pour la santé. Les statistiques montrent que les personnes qui en fêtent le plus, deviennent les plus vieilles.    Den Hartog

    Old age is like a plane flying through a storm. Once you're aboard, there's nothing you can do.     Golda Meir

    Impossible de vous dire mon âge, il change tout le temps.    Alphonse Allais

    Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art.     Stanislaw Lec

    Il faut s'efforcer d'être jeune comme un beaujolais et de vieillir comme un bourgogne.   Robert Sabatie











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