• shoe cords, lace, picture

    new shopping bag …


    I started with the bag ‘Carrie’ from Prym (this is a ready to decorate basic shopping bag) and the bag handles Madeleine made of twisted abaca fibers with cotton cord reinforcement and wooden loops. I took the black round shoe laces, a flat beige one, some beads to sew on from the range of Creativ Decor (white and black ones), the photo transfer foil (you print your own pic’s on fabric with your home-computer-printer), strong sewing thread (like the one for quilting) some colored perlé thread (not to fine), a needle, pins and a scissor. That’s all you need!


    For the flower side, you take two black round shoe cords. You start with positioning some loops and fix them in the middle with the black quilting thread. That will make the sewing on your bag easier. Fix it very good! Than you put it on one side of the bag and fix it with pins to see that it’s really like you want it. Take some color perlé thread on the needle and sew it by surrounding the shoe cord. I took green for the stem and white for the petals. In the center of the flower I put a big black diamond

    (ooohhh I feel rich …   )






    Near to this one I made a second flower in the same style.


    Then the other side of the bag … I didn’t want to have the same look, so I took a picture of some of my work and printed it on the foil.


    It’s very easy: you put that foil with fabric side for printing, the paper side, on the back, will be stripped off when it’s cooled down. Once printed, cut it on the size of your pic (with seam allowance) and sew it or glue it on the bag. I added two borders of old lace and of course four big white shining diamonds in the corners.

    To fill it a little more I added a wave of flat shoe cord in beige and sewed it with coordinated perlé thread.


    This bag is very practical for use.

    On the inside there’s a zipper bag, it is heavy cotton, washable and in a neutral color so that you can decorate it in any style, and it’s a good size for the daily shopping (or for other use of course).



    maybe shoe cords on a quilt, on a sweater … ????




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  • mp4 music

    My latest bus-project is this new little pouch (one more or less… I don’t count anymore).
    I showed it on my precedent post where I talked about it, as I made it on my traveling by train and bus.
    I finished it yesterday evening.


    This little pouch is for my new mp4 player. Big enough to put all the threads and earphone in, and different from the models that you find in the shops and which shows to obviously what it contains.
    I like a little mystery …


    This one is chic, feminine, elegant, colorful, has a soft cozy feeling, and no one can guess what it contains just by looking at it in my handbag; except you of course, because you see it here … o-).


    How did I make it? Very simply indeed. I love simple projects.


    I started with a number of chain stitches and here you’ll have to measure the necessary width and multiply it by two. And then you close it in round, like a ring with a slipstitch. Take care not to twist or turn your chain!
    And now, all you have to do is hook a single crochet stitch in all stitches but only in the back loop. If you put your hook under the two loops of precedent row-stitch, you won’t have that little horizontal line in your work.
    Go on in spiral all round and round and round and round till you have the height you need. I’ve put some beads in between, just because I love little beads and the light they capture between the ‘mat’ colors of the wool, and because the little box was almost empty …. By the way, the wool is a little leftover of Noro.

    Once the right height you make a row of *double crochet + chain stitch & skip one stitch* and you do this (* to *) for the whole row. This will allow you to put a string or cord through the holes.  And then I’ve done three rows of three double crochet in each stitch. It’s like the hyperbolic crochet, you increase a lot of stitches and they fall automatically in waves and curves.


    I finished with a row of slipstitches in top of every double crochet, because my wool just changed colors and I loved the way that made a small border on the edge.

    My leftover beads are sewed in a part of the last row (till the box was empty).

    The little cord is a simple chain with a row of slipstitches on top of it to make it a little thicker. At each end of my small rope I hooked a circle of two rows of double crochet which I folded in two and closed with a slipstitch at the round edge.


    Of course you can make a little ball, leave the circle open, make a little square or just simply add a big bead or pearl at those endings!


    Et voilà: another cute and useful little accessory in my handbag.

    And I’m happy I find the time to play with my yarn between all the boxes for the moving.



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  • quiltbreak

    Today was our (Belgian quilters association – province of Vlaams-Brabant) quilt break in Kortenberg. I already posted some messages with the happy reunions we have, sharing our hobby, all tips and tricks, a lot of coffee and tea and cookies of course!

    Here is a view of some working hands … notice on the table all I just talked about … ooohh-)



    and look at this ‘dear Jane’ …


    Inge continued her work on “naalbinding”. You don’t know what it is?  No problem: click on these links, you’ll find a lot of information on this old – very interesting- technique.





    I’ve sewed my “week-end discovery” on a fabric with flax and cotton. This will become a cushion.

    cushion bis.jpg

    And by going to Kortenberg with bus and train, I started a new little pocket for my new MP4 (my old mp3 has been used and so used that it became so quiet … and that’s not the reason of an mp3!). So this new one is doing a lot more. I can make a video, recording, pictures… besides the music of course.

    It would have been finished, didn’t I met someone to talk to on the train, didn’t I met an old friend on the bus … so chatting has been a major task today!


    You see, my week started good. Hope yours’ doing the same




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  • first discovery


    A little pic … because it’s only the beginning and I still have some courage to go on …
    and because I cannot start painting yet …
    that’s why I’m busy doing this …
    and I’ll share it with you while I still have place to move and take a picture.
    This is the result of two walls of the living …


    And I have so many walls …


    A couple of friends told me that I’ll certainly make some discoveries
    (I hope I won’t find mousses haven eaten some treasures or even worse … some spiders nesting in a corner)
     … but so far so good … and … YES,
    yesterday evening ….
    I DID make a wonderful discovery!!!!


    Totally forgotten … wrapped around the book from where I got the design …
     I couldn’t help … I started immediately to block it (must be crazy to start that past eleven on a Saturday night …).


    I remember I started it meaning to make a jacket, but I didn’t have enough yarn and didn’t want to buy some other Noro (I think it must be Flowerbed, but am not sure), so it ended in a corner of a drawer, where I found it.


    First thought when I had it in my hands?
    What a piece of rag is this?
    Second thought right after stretching it?
    It’ll make a beautiful cushion … I love the subtle colors changing all over it.


    This is only one of the grids, because in the book, the jacket is made of three different sizes of those stars. I didn’t do the little picot’s in the last row and in my “napkin-so-far”, I put in the middle of four of these also another center than mentioned in the book. I took just twice the repeat of the first row.



    Have a nice Sunday!!!


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  • cozy snood


    I think this will be the last knitted snood for this winter.

     Not that the winter is already over, we still have some months to go where it can snow, be cold, freezing cold ….

    No, I’m talking about the “last” because it’s time to start packing and wrapping so many stuff and things I see round me. Unbelievable how much I have been piling up in a flat in five years’ time. 
    So there will be not that many time –or energy- left for my hands to be busy hooking, knitting, sewing…


    I’ve chosen a wallpaper today for my new ‘home’ and hope I can start next ‘end of the week’ with all the paintings and other works to do,
    and I hope everything runs like planned … maybe I’m naïve to believe this … because trying to have all those firms and people work together … you really need some organizational skills and a lot of good will from those firms! Let me explain:  you’ve got the electricity doing their stuff on x-day and the water-company on y-day and the internet/phone/television on z-day … and when you explain or at least try to explain on one of them that it would be easier they’ll come all the same day, they just say that they don’t have to fit another’s planning …




    So let’s talk first about this snood.
    It’s a small one, not to wear double wrapped, but more to fit like a collar.

    Off-white with some decorative elements in crochet,
    very simple,
    just a couple of colored chains between the knitting stitches,
    a few hooked flowers sewed on a row,
    a small border on the under edge and a waved one on the upper side.


    That’s it.

     And let me tell you that it’s warm, snuggly cozy warm, cuddling my neck with softness…






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  • paris

    Hier, lundi, une petite journée à Paris pour des affaires, un bon business très fructueux
     (mais je ne vous en dévoile pas encore la raison …)
    avec en prime un peu de temps qui me restait en fin de journée pour faire … lèche vitrine, visiter les grands magasins,
    voire un peu les soldes (sans trop acheter),
    passer chez Junku pour fouiner un peu dans leur rayon de livres japonais
    là j’ai pas résistée… et je vous donne déjà un aperçu de quelques belles choses qui me restent à faire (parmi tant d’autres …)





    Et un petit passage … incontournable (si eux-mêmes le disent je veux bien les croire !)


    Infidèle que je suis ! Pas chez Ladurée cette fois-ci, mais chez Pierre Hermé


    Eh oui, très gourmande … la photo hier vous montre plus que ce qui reste aujourd’hui …
    c’est tellement bon !


    J’ai choisi le gout de la rose & pétale, de l’infiniment chocolat,  un au gout crème brulée et du caramel au beurre salé …  fallait bien choisir parmi toutes les variétés !


    Alors qu’il y a un an, le Thalys n’avait qu’exceptionnellement du retard, cela devient une quasi normalité ces temps-ci ! Au départ le matin, le tableau affichait un retard probable ( ?!) de 25 minutes et au retour il y avait un problème technique. Ils ont mis un TGV à la place du Thalys … bon le résultat est pareil comme confort et vitesse, mais c’est qu’ils se décident pas à temps pour faire un remplacement … non, cela demande évidemment un temps de réflexion ! Des fois que l’autre machine déciderai tout à coup à démarrer …

    Je ne me plains pas trop, j’avais de l’eau à boire, mes macarons, de la lecture, deux sièges pour moi toute seule, mon mp3 collé sur les oreilles avec un bel opéra à écouter… que faut-il de plus pour se sentir heureuse ? Pas beaucoup n’est-ce pas ?
    Je suis bien rentrée à la maison, très tard, mais j’ai pu dormir dans mon lit avant d’aller au travail ce matin. Donc : tout va bien.

    Bonne semaine à vous tous et toutes !


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  • postcards


    Hello everyone!

    I don’t know what about your postal services last weeks. Mine was not satisfying at all.

    I don’t blame the postman who got through the bad weather (not all of the days of last winter offensive), but I complain about the places where the postcards, letters, packages are distributed for the country. The trucks couldn’t get to them (okay, there was some snow) … that’s the excuse of late delivery, so the spokesman of the ‘bpost’ said … and where are all the cards I sent and which disappeared?
    Several persons I know didn’t get it.
    Lucky those who had it two weeks after being posted!
    Why did I mention my address on the backside of that envelope if they even don’t come back with mention ‘undeliverable because of snow’? Who put them in the trash collector? I know already five persons who didn’t get my little card.

    Luckily there’s something like e-mail and have I send my wishes also this way, but a real postcard … that’s more tangible, more ‘real’, and I’m still of a generation who appreciate a card in my hand, then on my wall, then in the cupboard, and finally to be, from time to time, given a close look again.

    Remember my message where I complained that I didn’t get anyone in December … now … I’ve had a lot of them (except the missing ones).

    Have a look

    The blues, some very ZEN …


    The more classical ones, very Christmas mood …


    The golden cards with two different from the most beautiful place of the world (our Grande Place in Brussels) …


    The purple-pink ones, first time I had so many modern ones …


    And last but not least, the “home made” cards …


    When I see this, I’m happily spoiled!

    Have a nice day you too.

    PS: did you have a look at all the superstitious sewers, knitters, hookers of yesterday? Still possible at www.defi13.com !


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  • new 'défi'

    13 janvier, défi’13, thème des reines et princesses (ainsi que les rois et princes qui sont les bienvenus aussi …).

    Dans l’esprit du mois passé, de l’année passée (eh oui ! on parle déjà de l’an passé), j’ai travaillé avec la même laine, avec le même crochet, sur un même type de coussin.

    Pas original peut-être, mais le duo est bien coordonné.


    Une couronne de reine faite de quatre triangles ‘granny’ rassemblés par la base avec des mailles serrées et des brides.
    Ma couronne est cousue sur un coussin gris clair et en plein milieu … un trèfle à quatre feuilles pour me souhaiter bonne chance.
    Le trèfle est fait, lui aussi des mêmes triangles ‘granny’. La tige se crochète sur deux rangs de mailles serrées.


    Voilà pour ma participation  au défi’13.

    Pas très compliqué, j’en conviens, mais comme je déménage le mois prochain, le temps commence à me manquer cruellement !
    Donc j’espère que mon trèfle me portera un peu de chance car il m’en faudra pour avoir tout fait et organisé dans les temps !


    Et par chance il y a dans le dernier Marie-Claire-Idées aussi tout un article sur les reines. Quelle belle coïncidence !

    Avec en plus encore plein d’autres articles intéressants bien sûr.

    m cl idees.jpg

    N’hésitez surtout pas à aller voir toutes les autres créations en cliquant ici– et voici le logo que j’ai arrangé dans les mêmes couleurs.


    bonne journée de découvertes




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  • et voilà ...


    Et voilà : le sapin a retrouvé sa place au placard …

     les petites lumières ne brillent plus au bout de ses branches …

     les garnitures scintillantes sont emballés dans des boîtes …

     et nous voilà parti avec la perspective de journées un tout petit peu plus longues,

    de journées un peu plus ensoleillées ( ?),

    mais en se souvenant que l’hiver n’est certes pas encore fini et que le temps ici peut changer d’un jour à l’autre.

    Mais un fait certain, est que les jours se rallongent petit à petit, et ça, c’est déjà une raison d’être bien contente qu’une nouvelle année a commencé.

    Alors voici la dernière photo prise devant mon sapin de mes bulbes d’hyacinthes, avec une fleuraison bien maigre cette fois ci,
    elles ne sont pas de très très bonne qualité …
    néanmoins, c’est une touche colorée et odorante, et c’est tout ce qui compte.

    Bonne fin de weekend !


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  • tie a yellow scarf ...


    My first finished hooked shawl of the year! Pure softness of a light mohair yarn - we all need soft stuff in these cold dark days (don’t we?) in a warm yellow ochre color, not a mat mustard-ish one, not the bright yellow of the summer or spring sun, but just that warm yellow-glow between that makes you feel happy. It’s also wearable on many different colored outfits.


    These days are not really hooking days on the bus.
    Too many people on too small buses who drive not often enough … when it’s school-time I’ve got plenty buses, when it’s school-holiday they restraint their offer … so this, with the combination of cold weather makes that I didn’t do anything on my granny-project or anything else on the bus, except listening my MP3, reading from time to time because therefore you don’t need to put off your gloves …





     So this shawl has been realized in the evenings.
     It went fast: a grid of dc with hook n° 5 surrounded with a ‘frill’.  
    To the four borders of this grid I first put a chain all around which I covered with dc and then a row of trebles … simply increasing the number and the size of the stitches make a frills edge.
    Look close to the pic (
    click on it to see it in bigger size), and you’ll understand.


    It was relaxing to hook; the further it evolved, the warmer it became on my knees, and now, it’s warm round my shoulders.
    When I turn the long border as a collar and fix it with a pic to hold left and right together… that’s how I prefer how to wear this one, but of course I could simply wrap it like a (thick) scarf round my neck.



    The only minus point is the loose of all those little threads so typically on mohair, in particular on a dark background like my black sweater … but it is quickly brushed off !

    Year 2011 starts happy, hope the same for you!!



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