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These were the ingredients of last days … rope and yarn.
A soft grey cotton from which I didn’t like the color in a vest I started long time ago and I recovered the yarn, left in my drawer since … this week. The other yarn is one I made a shawl for my mum long time ago and I had six balls leftover. Its more synthetic and I’ve got the problem that I’m very sensible to static energy = electric little shocks when I touch too many synthetic material, my hair that goes up when I put an acrylic sweater on … and this is not funny !!
So no synthetic yarn for me!
Otherwise it’s got a beautiful color scheme; it’s slightly mohair and fluffy, very soft and got a little sparkle in it. So nothing wasted!
I used it with a hook n°5 and done some rope-crochet.

This is the final result

basket by ViDerTextil, crochet autour corde, rope-crochet, panier,

I started as for all my hooked baskets with a circle, and made it big. All single crochet (sc) hooked round the rope, taking the two yarns together and tightening up very strongly. It was hard for my little fingers L

basket by ViDerTextil, crochet autour corde, rope-crochet, panier,

After the circle, up to the sky, still in rounds and rounds … with here and there a row where I made one sc on two a little longer: I inserted my hook a row below under the stitch. Only one on two stitches: that’s to keep solidity of the rope that is kept on place by the other stitch. So I got longer pieces of yarn making a design.  

basket by ViDerTextil, crochet autour corde, rope-crochet, panier,

Here you see my basket on a chair, so you imagine the size of it … very large to keep a lot of balls of yarn, a lot of woolly stuff…

basket by ViDerTextil, crochet autour corde, rope-crochet, panier,

It’s not entirely a straight tube, it got some female curves in the body …
Just have to tighten up the rope: pull on the rope you just hid in the stitches and it makes the round getting smaller. And then some rows with more smoothness and less power…

basket by ViDerTextil, crochet autour corde, rope-crochet, panier,

What are those bubbles? Instead of inserting my hook into the sc of the row below, I made 5 sc stitches round the rope, apart from the basket, and then continued by putting the hook into the next sc of the previous row. So you’ll have a “bubble” of the rope surrounded with yarn. And do so every 5 sc on the basket. (5 sc round rope on the basket, 5sc round the rope in the air, 5 sc round the rope on the basket, and so on….) It’s hard with that rope because the bubble bothers between your fingers and makes making the connection to the basket a little more difficult, but it works. I liked the result

basket by ViDerTextil, crochet autour corde, rope-crochet, panier,


The handle: I’ve never cut my rope through the entire basket! Handle was made with also the rope in the stitches – for solidity I continued with the rope without cutting it.
->  When I arrived on the height I needed, do following : you’ve got one stitch on the hook (the last one you made), put hook under rope, yarn over surrounding the rope, yarn over without surrounding rope, yarn over surrounding the rope, here you’ve got 4 loops on the hook; yarn over through all stitches. This makes a ‘big’ sc: the stitch has got the height of a sc but it has more yarns and is thus thicker and more stuffed. I do this on a length of the rope that is 2cm longer than half the circumference of the top of the basket. This allows me to fold the handle aside and still have the entire opening of my basket to put in stuff. Then you’ve got to “fix” this part of the handle to the opposite side of your basket by two sc (don’t forget to go round the rope!) and you make those sc in the sc of top row of your basket. After that … you go back with the rope same way as you just did. Thus: you make a go and return with big sc round the rope. Coming on the other side (the start of the handle), attach it with a sc next to the last sc you did on that row before starting the handle. Don’t forget to make same number of big sc stitches on both sides of your rope otherwise your handle won’t be smooth! Now you’ll connect both surrounded-rope-parts of the handle with slip stitches (or you leave the two parts separate, it’s nice too! Here I joined the two parts). Put the two straps flat with the top of sc looking to each other side by side; insert hook in top of sc on the right and in sc on the left and make slip stitch. Go to other side with slip stitch through all the big sc’s. It’s like joining granny’s with slip stitches. Turn and go back with second slip stich row next to the first one. So the handle is made! Now you’ll have to fix it securely with some more stitches to be sure that it holds well. So far it only holds with two sc on both sides. I’ve put my hook four times into stich of row below (just as the longer stitches I made halfway during a row). I made another tour with sc and made same long stitches on the other side of the handle when I got there. Finally there is one row to do with crab stitch, but not through top of sc of previous row like usually done, but surrounding the full sc of row below. So insert hook under the sc of row below and make your crab stitches (crab stitch is in fact a sc from left to right). Look closely to the pic to see the result.

Here’s a final picture.

basket by ViDerTextil, crochet autour corde, rope-crochet, panier,

Enjoy your "yarny" project on the go
 and the sunny weather!

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  • Super étudié ton panier ! Tous ces petits détails donnent un très très joli panier à pelotes.

  • Perfect!!! Rien à rajouter! Un joli travail de recherche!!!!

  • il est fabuleux les couleurs sont d' une douceur c' est vraiment très joli j' adore beau travail il a un charme fou bon dimanche bisousss

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