• calendar - January

    Let’s start 2012 with the same monthly habit:
    a pic of the calendar … one of my two calendars.
    Because I’ve got two : an ordinary commercial one, and another I received at New-year with pic’s of my little Q. (You’ll see none of little Q because I don’t like to put baby pictures on the web.)

    So after a year of cute little pigs,
    I searched for something different, something still fitting with my daily life, and if it’s not a monthly story full of humor, it had to be something I liked to do, eat, drink, and look at.

    It’s the one in my kitchen with the dates where what kind of garbage is picked up,
    with the dates of the fairs and demonstrations to do,
    with the appointments I like less (dentist …).

    And my choice for 2012 is …


    01 januari.JPG

    Because coffee is my morning ritual,
    because it has a stimulating effect on my human brain and energizes my body,
    because it wakes me up with warmth and
    because it smells soooooo good!


    So this year, every beginning of a month,
    I’ll show you a picture related to coffee as I’ll see it those four weeks on my wall
    and I’ll join from next month a little coffee-story…

    So enjoy your day and let’s start 2012 with joy,
    despite a grey sky . 
    Take a tasty cup of coffee with
    – at least for me – a leftover from a festive meal.



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