• hook with a toothbrush

    When I was at the Festival of Quilts, I also fell in love (again !?) with lovely yarn at the stand of Knitting4You.
    How could it be otherwise???  
    I found also a nice book that I bought of course.

    But I didn’t took a hook in my luggage, so I had to buy one too, because I really couldn’t wait to start (evenings must be filled with some useful work isn’t it?).

    In the same stand, they had the new ergonomic hooks from Addi (the swing hook) for 7£.
    Still expensive for a hook;
    at French site “” it’s sold for 7 €, in shops here it’s round 8,50€,
    but it is still less than the 13,50$ to 15,00$ as I saw on the internet.

    The commercial from Addi says that : it is developed with comfort in mind; it is precisely contoured to rest comfortably in your hand, thus eliminating pressure points….

    I tried it out, and I must be the one who cannot hook with it … because my hand and thumb got hurt after making a couple of little flowers! Not only because it is way too long, it’s also much heavier with the most weight in top, opposite side of the hook.


    1 swing hook.jpg

    First of all: for those who don’t know this hook,
    it’s the one that looks like a toothbrush.
    They come in different colors, one for each size. That’s the only good thing on it.

    Look at these …


    Next day, I returned to the shop at the Festival and bought the hook from Knit-Pro (they didn’t have my favorite Prym ergonomic one that I can keep in my hand as well as a pencil, and when my thumb is tired, as a knife ).
    Anyway, this Knit-pro is the one that I can fix on my cables (for my knitting needles in round), so that I can make a large afghan crochet (crochet tunisien in French ). It’s a bargain (not 3£!).

    So, in the evening in the hotel, I could crochet (for only 3£), and I started rows with little flowers (bus-train project for the moment, as I’m going by train to SteMarie-aux-Mines in September …).

    2 how to hold crochet.JPG

    I hold the swing hook as a pencil or as a knife, it just doesn’t fit in my hand, don’t know what I’m doing wrong!

    3 hooked.jpg

    My review in pic’s.

    4 pencil - crayon.jpg

    So you can see that either the hook is pointed to my work and my fingers are on the hook as it should be, but then the other side is swinging in the air,
    or the other side is positioned on my hand as it should be, and the hook and my fingers are wrongly placed …

    5 knife - couteau.jpg

    the curve of the hook is not like it should be placed in my hand ...

    And it is really heavy weight compared to what I’m used to hook with!

    6 weight.jpg

    So I learned my lesson … always putting my own hook in my luggage!!!

    In case I buy some yarn and cannot resist the huge pressure of hooking


    Have a nice evening, filled with usefull work !!!!

    PS: if anyone can work with this hook, please tell me how you manage that!





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