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    So I didn’t go to Brugge.

    This morning on the radio … the news wasn’t so good.
    In Wallonia no trains were circulating, and as Belgium is a small country and almost all the trains are going from one to another side of the country, that meant that the schedule of most of the trains was badly disturbed in Vlaanderen. A lot of delays reported at nine in the morning, some trains were simply cancelled … all that made that I phoned this morning to the Veritas shop to apologize that I couldn’t come in the afternoon. After been talking to two different persons  … it appeared that they didn’t even knew I was coming for a Prym demonstration … so why worry ???

    Instead of traveling, I did my local shopping in the grocery, took time to talk and chat a little with the bakers wife, went to the bookshop for my TV-guide, was relaxed at home to advance a little on my WIP’s.

    I forgot last day to show you another WIP I have (in fact I’ve got several ones but a little ashamed to show them all….) so let’s keep it with this one in afghan crochet (crochet tunisien)

    I had made already a triangular scarf in Malabrigo Lace with this hook and showed you that a long time ago (clic here to see it again)





    wip tun croch.jpg

    afghan crochet.jpg

    And I started one (also already a while ago…) but with the increase in center and on both sides: so plus 4 stitches every row; one left, one on the right and two in the middle.

     It started quickly, but now crocheting a whole row is taking time, because every row the number of stitches is growing and growing. Think it will take another long time before you’ll see the final result J.

    afgh croch2.jpg


    You also see that this makes the stripes of the changing colors from green to blue smaller and smaller. Soon the color changes in stripes will disappear and make a fuzzier or blurred design. LOVE IT!

    Here and there I make some fantasy and try out something different than the normal stitch by crossing two stitches, placing them differently in every row or straight one above the other.



    Have a nice evening, warm and cozily on the sofa with a comfy quilt or throw on your knees!




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