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  • tunisian shawl #2

    I just finished my shawl in Tunisian Crochet (or   afghan crochet).


    It’s the second one, again a triangular – I love that shape because I can wear it over the shoulders with two side-points to the front, or wrapped round the neck with points wherever they fall, or most of the shawl over one shoulder … endless variations possible with a triangular shawl.

    The first one was in red and olive green Malabrigo-lace, this one is in Magico Meilenweit, both done with a tunisian hook 5mm.


    And while my first one was hooked from point up to the largest part with plus-2 stitches on both sides, this one is with plus-1 on each side and plus-2 in the middle. Therefore I made two stitches out of one at the beginning and at the end of a row (simply pick up one more yarn-over through the stitch of former row) and I picked up twice two stitches out of the two center stitches.

    So I got the design like in knitted shawls where the rows are making a 90°corner.

    To make such a shawl you absolutely need the hook where you can put a cable on an end, because I ended with over 600 stitches on one row and as you keep the stitches on your hook in the first part of a “tunisian hooked row” …

    So get the hook from KnitPro-Prym and a cable – same as for knitting in round,  look at this link : clic clic


    At some places I made a few rows with a fantasy stitch, in the beginning some rows at left side and next ones on the right side; further on I did it in all stitches of a row.  

    I don’t know if such a stitch has got a name, but here it is:
    get the hook through two vertical loops (first and second stitch) and make a yarn-over = this gives you a / design which I like a lot.
    But this way you have only one out of two stitches, so you have to add one to maintain the same number of stitches (besides the increases in the middle and on the ends).
    Therefore you get the hook through the hole between the second and third stitch and get a yarn-over : so you still have two stitches. And go on with the third and fourth vertical loop taken together ...

     In the half rows I placed those / alternated versus precedent row,
    in the longer rows I placed those / just on top one another. It gives both an interesting and yet very different design. Give it a try, you’ll like it!


    In the last row I made “elongated” stitches: when I made my yarn-over on the hook, I made a chain-stitch in it, so the loop on your hook is becoming a little longer and it gives you little holes, like lace. Found that interesting for the last rows.

    Finishing rows are done in crochet “normal” :
    one row of single crochet, then doubles in it and then the little fans.
    These rows are done in alpaca dark blue!  

    and at the end some fantasy circles-plates with little beads …


    Just have to mention, that for the blocking, when I wetted the shawl,
    this Magico Meilenweit wool gave me a blue water … and I’m sure it wasn’t my alpaca …
    hope it won’t bleed forever !

    This Magico wool is also gorgeous to work with, and to wear,  
     but I’ve got to admit that my Malabrigo shawl is much softer.



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