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    Maybe you’ll remember this … bought in Birmingham last year at the booth of Chris Gray.

    It’s a kit to make a little art quilt with different kind of textiles and threads   … beautifully presented in a little jar.

    mabonarts stand.jpg

    So I added some of my own hand dyed fabrics, Angelina-fibers, some buttons & beads and other threads.


    And it became my little summer quilt for the exhibition last week on our regional day.

    The wooden buttons from my stock on top of a brass piece of hard paper make some “flora” with the little nacre flower buttons.


    I got some inspiration from the buttons presenting African people, Maasai warriors and from the items Chris put on her sample and that looked like protective shields.



    The little beads in the sky with a long blue stitch … that’s the rain

    And the sun is in fact a part of a shawl-holder from which I’m keeping the pin for my shawls …


    Don’t hesitate to visit the blog of Chris (clic-clic) Textile Butterfly!
     She’s making gorgeous little items and actually (till Friday) she’s doing a giveaway (I shouldn’t be doing this publicity because that diminish my chance to win, but on the other hand I want her to have a huge amount of comments …)


    & she will be in Birmingham at the Festival of Quilts 2012 with her “Mabon Arts” stand (clic-clic) and she’ll be giving a few quick and easy workshops!

    Tomorrow is a festive day, I’ll be staying ‘leisurely’ at home, hoping to get rid of my xxxth cold of this year.



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