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  • Festival of Quilts 2012 Part II


    Today, let’s talk of my absolute favorite of this year.


    C.June Barnes & Janice Gunner. They called their exhibition ‘unexpected pleasures’ and it was a pleasure!


    They both know one another for 20 years they joined forces to present a display of innovative work. You could find a collection of things in 3-dimension in different ways: hanging, standing, moving, and illuminating. They also had pieces you were invited to touch because color changed the fabric they used with the warmth of your fingers. It was magic and marvelous! Look at some pictures I took and also to their websites: click on their names for the link in a new window:  June Barnes 
    Janice Gunner.








    The second I loved particularly, was Anne Woringer.





    I also liked the work of Sohie Furbeyre, but “no pictures” … she did not want photo’s been taking … eternal annoying fact on an exhibition …. 


    Pauline Burbidge’s exhibition was also very well done and presented, but I love more her earlier work than the one she’s been doing last decade. And I’m sure you’ll see on so many other blogs the review of her career in her gallery at the Nec.


    We had also a new EQA exhibition with little quilts of all the member-countries (17 in total). You remember I showed already mine(click) , it’s the theme Crossroads and it had to be 20cm height on 50cm wide.

    so here a snapshot of some of the countries exhibited at the NEC and they were really beautifully displayed!

    (Sorry for the yellow shine, wonder if it wasn’t the spots who were giving bad lightL)

    And some close-up’s



    It’s an exhibition that will travel, so if it’s coming in your area, don’t hesitate to go have a look, because they’re really interesting!

    Our second day was also filled with a little workshop and a lecture.

    The workshop with Rosalind Johanson : applique an African panel … I thought I would learn something more on the techniques or materials used in Africa, but it was a simple bondaweb giraffe or elephant on a batik base and black cotton appliqued with blanket-stitch. We learned nothing and so it was a little disappointed, not for the hour sitting down and working with thread and fabric, but for the fact that I thought it would be ... different and more "african".


    The lecture was with Louise Mabbs : get to Ghana, got to Ghana. And again a little disappointment because the theme was not really about explaining the textiles (adinkra, asafo, kente) but more about her travel and the persons she met.


    But when we see all the workshops and lectures we had last years, and that so little don’t answer our expectations … it’s still worthwhile to register for a few! And the third day we had two awesome lectures (more in next post).

    So ... we choose another gallery on the map to visit, and though it’s a very classical theme with always a strict geometric pattern; it was very nice to see! It looked more modern than you would think by using always the same block in one quilt. All fabrics are shiny (dupion silk and polyester satins) and it was a technical outstanding hand-work!


    I’m talking about Brigitte Morgenroth. (click on name)




    And for today, this will be all.


    I’ll finish with something what’s connecting all visitors ...


    No No,  not only the love for quilts,

    but the fact that fashion stops  … somewhere above the ground


    … we all have a comfy comfortable zone in shows …







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