• patience ...

    Just to encourage her a little bit …
    a little quilt to hang up near breakfast table …
    to see it every morning …
    and to say …
     it’s only a matter of a few weeks …

    ah patience.jpg

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  • mini wedding ring quilt

    mini wedding ring quilt.jpg


    This is a small, mini,   little, tiny,   quilt made like  the designs of the "wedding-ring".

    It measures about   50 cm on the longest side, so it's slightly larger than a placemat.


    I could use it as a placemat, wasn't it that the buttons and yoyo's would make my plates and glasses wiggle and totter ...

    For those who know everything about quilting,  this need no further explanations.

    For those who don't know what a wedding-ring is in quilting-world ... 
    look at this
    link, you'll see what I mean.

    Normally you sew all the cut pieces together, convex and concave pieces,
     or, in a more modern way,
    you appliqué the curved pieces on a basic fabric.

    When you want to make a mini like I did,  it's easier to use the biais-maker.
    Make a lot of biais strips, and appliqué them on top of a beautiful fabric.
    You can use the glue-strips that you might find in patch-shops, or temporary glue, instead of pinning all the biais : that works easier, especially with tiny pieces.
    I took the aqua-glue-marker of Prym. A genious tool, also to sew zippers.
     No pins   pricking   in my fingers  anymore!
    In the corners, were all strips join, you can add buttons or - what I did - yoyo's with a button in the middle.


    I made it with sewing machine, piecing, appliqué and quilting.

    The appliqué is done with invisible thread on top and light pink in the shuttle and I tightened the tension a little so you see the pink thread appearing in top of the quilt, but only for a little point.


    and for those who don't yet know what a biais-maker is  or the aqua glue marker (with refills) .... here the visual explanation... 987185_VS_LowRes_thb.jpg987186_VS_LowRes_thb.jpg

    Have a nice sunday ! 



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  • rijswijk Nederland

    We're back home from a snowy day in Holland, visiting the Quilting event of Rijswijk.

    We enjoyed our day, were very relax, had enough space to see all the shops and exhibitions. It was not crowded at all, and we had fun with the friends...

    There were plenty of quilts to see from the Tentmakers of Caïro, a real splendour !  I loved it !!!
    If you want to know more about them : here some links

    Jenny Bowker (I told you about when visiting the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham last summer) &  tour egypt    &  also   Tentmakers

    I made selection of my pictures


    But also other quilts ....
    these woollen quilts from Ireland .....


    And two ladies from which I loved these ones



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  • 35*35cm quilt - part 2

    Finally !!! after a short winter break ( or a festive break...) the second quilt of our challenge is made by three members : Nadine, Belinda, and me.
    Aren't that the same as for the first one  
    (click for nr.1)  ..... where are Liliane en Sonja ????

    The theme was JOY : so,  as long as the quilt of 35 cm square depicts a joyfull moment, or a joyfull scene, it's okay.

    What made Belinda ?

    Joy Belinda

    Oooohhh  you would think it's already springtime : we're happy to jump in the fields and gather all those flowers !  She took a beautifull spring-green batik with sequins and flower appliqué and added some leftovers of a mix from Kaffe Fassett's fabrics that she "recovered" from a project Liliane made last year. Very good idea. And then she added even more flowers with embroidery stitches for the quilting.

    Joy Belinda det1


    And what means Joy for Nadine ????

    Joy Nadine


    Yes, a beautiful rainbow in six even rows  and three suns on a row.
    Nonono, she's not an alien !!  
    She has three wonderful kids and they are - very legitimate - the three suns of her life.
    These suns on her quilt are home-made-felted of a warm yellow wool, not to heated, but soft,  just like we're used here in Belgium (except for a heat wave every x years).  They're cut with a wavy edge and handstitched on a fine meandered quilt.

    Joy Nadine det

    Very nice work too !

    And last, my humble contribution ...

    Joy Viviane_Smile


    It is not so joyfull in colors, but it has the biggest smile I ever made.
    The background is the leftover jeans from the former project and I put a red velvet piece of fabric in the center ( reverse appliqué ).  A few smiles stitched in the lower corners and two little labels (also a leftover from something old, but I don't remember where it's been used for) with the very appropriate words LIVE LOVE LAUGH. The quilting and appliqué is done with a variegated shiny thread.

    Joy Viviane_Smile det


    Still waiting for the others ....  till next month !

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  • workshop

    This posting is about a workshop I've been given several times in the last few years - and always with a very good result by those who attended the course. It is very simple to do, but not for hand-work, because the quilting is keeping all parts together and must be done rather narrowly and also because you've got to sew through many layers.

    I'm always looking for simple techniques that can give a very different and distinctif result, because I find that it must become a very personal quilt for each one.

    flowers organza mini detail

    You start with a background fabric that have the size of your finished work. And then also a lot of cut-out's of different motifs from different fabrics. It might be a heavy home furnishing fabric, or a translucent one, but remind that with this last your background fabric will be lightly visible.
    Once you've got a huge cut-out's, you can start laying them on the background fabric(might also be muslin or calico or a light woven interface).  It is not really necessary to spray a temporary glue on the background, but it might help keeping it together ...  but spray frugal !!  
    And then  you start  "painting".
    I took flowers, butterflies, leafs, ... all nature motifs.
    Once the lay-out satisfying, you can add other stuff like trimms, pieces of lace, embroidery motifs, ... .
    Then you place a piece of organza or translucent curtain or tulle or another sheer fabric above it, lay it on your filling and back-side-fabric, pin all layers  securely   and   quilt. 

    This is the result of my first one :

    flowers organza mini2

    In the sky of my little garden I placed a lot of pieces of sheer fabrics to create a cloudy sky.

    Then I made a bigger one ...

    flowers organza

    Here the background fabric is one I dyed by splashing paint (blue, yellow and red) on a wet coton and adding some salt. The organza is also blue-green-tinted with a very high shining (the kind of organza where you have a blue shine looking in one direction and a green one looking at it in different direction).

    I also took a checkered fabric in black and white to make the finishing edges. It looks like I've been taking small strips of white and black fabric sewed together. (this is a little bit cheating indeed ...)

    flowers organza detail2

    The longest work in this collage-technique, is to cut out all the pieces that you need to fill your "painting". Don't hesitate to overlap the pieces !

    Try it out, and you'll see that once you've started, you'll get confidence in this adventure. 

    The one that will be in Edingen next week-end (and was in Creativa Namur this week-end) is one I made for the suitcase quilts from the EQA

    hot and cold

    The lizard is a cut out from a leather painting from Australia ! Some fabrics have the typical dotted-design as from aboriginal-paintings, and I wanted to represent the "Hot&Cold" by the cold-blood-lizard and the hot-temperature-from-the-desert.
    Here I added some sparkling and glittering appliqué motifs , ready to ironing with glue on the back. The background coton is one I dyed it with heat-fixed paints.
    Here I used a red-shining organza.

    hot and cold detail3

    It wasn't easy to stitch and quilt through the leather .... so you understand that hand-quilting through all those layers is rather hard to do, depending on the fabrics you'll use, but is not  impossible .

    Proof is this little quilt of Jolien exhibited at Creativa Brussels 2007 : she was eight at that time, made her own design, cut out her own little pieces in different colours to make flowers,  and quilted it by hand with a perlé thread !  It's not a dense quilting, but all layers are kept together just as it has to be and, most of all, with a very good result. All visitors who looked at it, had difficulty to believe that a kid could do this so good...

    joliens quilt creativa QI 2007

    So, that was it for now, I give you another picture of my second collage to enjoy your day....

    flowers organza detail1





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  • Quilt

    Voici un quilt que j'ai fait il y a déjà quelques années. Il a néanmoins toujours sa petite touche moderne.
    Le tissu de base est un coton lourd, du type ameublement pour des tentures opaques et solides. Le dessin qui se répète plusieurs fois est un vase fleuri très stylisé.
    Il faut impérativement un tissu dont le dessin se répète plusieurs fois, car il faut découper plusieurs fois le même motif en décalant à chaque fois la coupe de quelques cm.
    Dans l'assemblage on place tous les morceaux de sorte à ce que le motif "grandit" de tous les côtés. Ainsi les pièces prennent beaucoup de reliëf.
    Le tissus de fond bleu marine est en suèdine, très doux au toucher. Pas évident de coudre tous ces tissus lourds, de les doubler d'ouatine et d'un coton de fond (qu'il fallait prendre aussi en coton épais, sinon il n'aurait pas de tenue!).
    Puis le quilting ... avec un cordonnet, car un fil de coton fin normal aurait cassé.
    Ce fut laborieux, je m'en souviens, mais j'aimais  bien (et j'aime toujours) le résultat final.
    Sur le dos du quilt, j'ai appliqué le motif qui me restait de mon tissu, ainsi que quelques parties sur le devant (le vase, les feuilles) de sorte que l'on puisse bien voire la différence entre ce jeu de découpage et le dessin original du tissu.
    Il fait 95*125 cm - j'ai mis une limite ... vu le poids des tissus.

    broken flowerpiece



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  • Expo

    A ne pas oublier de reserver ces dates dans votre agenda ! Il y aura de très belles expositions de première classe, des démonstrations et une cafétaria pour la petite pause. Un petit train vous amènera de la salle vers le chateau. Les membres de notre Association Belge du Patchwork y chercheront leur cadeau d'anniversaire !!!

    Vergeet niet deze data in jullie kalender vrij te houden om een gigantische quilt-tentoonstelling, met veel demo's er bovenop, te bezoeken. Er is ook cafetaria voor het relax tussendoortje !!  alsook een treintje tussen de zaal en het kasteel (waar nog meer tentoonstellingen te bezichtigen zijn!) en de leden van onze Belgische Quilters Vereniging kunnen daar hun verjaardagsgeschenk gaan ophalen.


    I'll be there on friday, saturday, sunday  -    so if you're coming,  let's have a little chat !!!    Wouldn't that be fun  ?????

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  • In the kitchen

    This little quilt is hanging in my kitchen, not only because of the bright colours, but of course because of the topic. Like in a few fairy tales, my apples are lovely red. apples

    I added a few visitors, two little buttons : male caterpillars with a hat....  ready to have a little bite...

    apples detail rups


    The little dragonfly is magnetic, so I can move it like I wish (hunting the caterpillars or just having a chat with them ;-)

    apples access

    Below I hung up little weights, meant to hang on the corners of table-cloths,  but as I don't use them on my table, and I didn't want to store these little insects in a drawer .... I use them on my quilt.

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