• Calendar - August

    by ViDerTextil, calendar august

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  • Calendar - August


    Sorry I’m a little late for my


    Some problems with login at my blog …

    And also the fact that it’s such a nice weather outside, that I got myself on a chair on my terrace with my knit work and I simply didn’t want to insist too much …

    But now, it’s working …

    And we have

    A beautiful sun in the sky (not like yesterday…) … it feels soooo good! Even if for tonight they announced a lightning and thunder show in the same sky… we’ll see if they (the weather people) are right

    So here’s the pic of the month

    08 augustus.JPG


    A beautiful espresso little cup and my hope you’ll have a nice month of August.


    No story this time, just a link to a Dutch blog

    a French site

    an English blog of a coffee-lover

    and a place where you’ll find the 42-must-read-coffee-blogs !!


    Read all this    this evening, enjoy the sun meanwhile JJJJJJ


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  • calendar - August


    August is a month where days are getting shorter and shorter but where they are still sunny and warm.
    This last is theory I expect and hope to become practice … like today!!!

    And look what feels so good after a sunny day ???



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  • preview 11

    voici le modèle le plus facile à réaliser, pas tout à fait du tricot dentelle, mais prévue pour encourager les (futurs) acheteurs de mon bouquin à oser franchir le pas et feuilleter plus loin ...

    the most simple shawl of my book, not really lace knitting, but the first step to make little holes in the knitting and the simple knitting will gain confidence enough to buy the book, even if it's in french ...


    have a nice week

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