• Brugge … yesterday

    I would have posted Friday evening my day-story, but the server is in maintenance … and it doesn’t get fixed at skynet on Saturday morning, afternoon… and … at last I can post now, with a lot of problems, but I think it wil work this time!!!

    It was Friday a sunny warm day. Unfortunately I spent most of it inside in Veritas…

    This is a little bit Brugge:


    And the new Veritas?

    It’s a brand new concept of shopping … a clear, spacious room, very nice for shopping and strolling, a beautiful choice in beads, yarn, wool and cotton, needles and pins, embroidery, and all kind of hobby-things and haberdashery …

    It’s also the room (upstairs) were demonstrations and workshops are given.

    I had a very pleasant day, not very crowded (that could be better …) but the persons who came, who bought some things, who came with their knitting problems were very kind and I had some interesting exchange of ideas.

    Next week I’ll be there, back again, from 11 am till 17 pm and have already an appointment with a knitter. So if you have some time too, come and see me again at work in Veritas – Steenstraat 20 in Brugge. The shop is really travelling worth.

    Here some pic’s: a part of the yarn-wall, the needle collection (they now have the ergonomic hooks and the bamboo knitting pins!), the promo on Catania cotton, my table …




    And what was I making on the train in the morning (surprisingly on time!!), in the shop (between the customers’ questions) and on the train back home (not surprisingly with lots of delay)…?

    I started to hook with n°1,5 & DMC Petra 5   a little border round a new big very light woven cotton stole.




    And the items that I showed on my table? … Later … Be patience …

    Hope to see you next week in Brugge!



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