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    For those who are following me on Pinterest (I’m not yet addicted but it’s close J), you’ll noticed that I pinned this technique on my Crochet-board. And as I’m curious, always ready to try out something new, I had to give it a try.


    I made already a lot of baskets & bags in crochet using only single crochet stitch, as well with thin yarn as with thicker wool or cotton or synthetic yarns. And I learned that the firmer your way of hooking (J), the sturdier the basket becomes, or if you prefer, if you use a hook smaller than usually needed for the kind of that yarn, you’ll get a sturdy result. That is so for any project - not only baskets - in crochet (also in knitting…).
    As well as in opposite, very loosen stitches gives a very supple and flexible result.

    So I wanted to try hooking a basket round a rope as shown on the picture.

    I made in the past baskets using the same principle of twisting fabric round a cord-cable and then sewing them together – machine or with hand stitches: it gives a wonderful result. And it reduced my fabric-stock and made place in my shelves  J!!!
    So here we go ! 

    This is the first one that I made with this technique, sometimes also found on the net as ‘rope crochet’. It was a gift for my V.

    Starting with a rope (or cord or wire) of 4 mm diameter (thickness) and cotton yarn with a hook that fits the cotton thread … very stiff result indeed!
    The basket stands beautiful straight and I’m delighted.

    Especially because it’s easier to crochet; you need less power to tighten the stitches as the rope gives it a ‘body’


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    I changed color on the go, and remember that for changing colors, you need to finish your stitch in the new color. 
    I worked in simple spirals, so my colors are jumping from one row to another. The yarns used are all cotton.

    baskets, panier, cordon, rope crochet, single crochet,

    Look here how I’m taking my little pieces of yarn while hooking my stitches so that I don’t have to weave them in at the end.

    baskets, panier, cordon, rope crochet, single crochet,

    So I got on with another one, this time a bigger one and with an oval base and where I combined cotton rope and nylon rope,  both 4,5 mm diameter.  I used about 60 meters rope for this basket.
    The yarn used is black thick cotton, and later on I used very thin variegated yarns, but worked with four threads at a time.

    I noticed no difference between the cotton rope and the nylon one; they give (surprisingly) the same result used with the same yarn.
    Next one I’ll make with a reinforced clothesline and see what that gives.

    baskets, panier, cordon, rope crochet, single crochet,

    The pictures don’t give the right colors … flash or not, it’s not really what it is!
    Meanwhile I have a wonderful new bag-basket (don’t know how to call it exactly…).

    baskets, panier, cordon, rope crochet, single crochet,

    For the handles I simply didn’t attach my single crochet stitches to the row below, just made them round the rope for a length of 10 cm (exactly at the same place on the other side!) so I have an opening to put my hands through.
    But of course, you can add another kind of handle afterwards!

    baskets, panier, cordon, rope crochet, single crochet,


    I finished with a row of crabstitch on this one.

    And then the test with thinner rope … and there it has disappointed me a little because I didn’t obtain any stiffness at all!

    baskets, panier, cordon, rope crochet, single crochet,

    My little basket I made just by tight single crochet (green one hereunder) has got more body (was hooked in single crochet but firmer),
    than the one with the fine cotton and rather flexible rope of 2,5 mm diameter
    and dark blue woolen yarn. (same quality 100%wool for both).

    baskets, panier, cordon, rope crochet, single crochet,


    So next time
    I know that for a bag-basket-box with sides standing straight up, even with thin yarn, I’ll use rope of minimum 4 mm.

    Another remark to make is that if your yarn or thread for the crochet is thin, you’ll see the colour of your rope!
    If you don’t want your rope or cord being visible through the crochet-stitches, then you’ll have to cover it entirely with your yarn-thread, and thus you’ll have to hook with double yarn or with thicker yarn!
    I don’t mind that it comes slightly peeping through the crochet, but it’s something to consider, especially if you use different colors or types of rope in one single project, what might happen if you have different leftovers of ropes.
    ... Could give an interesting result ...

    See hereunder the difference in firmness and solidity between

    the bag on the left which is just single crochet stitch in wool

    and the one on the right I just finished with hooking round a rope of 4,5mm.

    Huge difference!

    baskets, panier, cordon, rope crochet, single crochet,


    I liked this technique, and I certainly will make some others, as I found in the DIY-store nearby some inexpensive interesting rope …

    getting addicted to basket-making ??
    blame it on Pinterest  Knipogen  !!!


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