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    Here is my latest knitted piece for baby-to-come. 

    A warm little nest for his first winter, knitting done with an eco-wool in natural color, nice little teddy bear buttons to cheer it up a little… I can easily imagine a cute sleeping baby face in the cap.

    nid d'ange 2.jpg

    The pattern is here in English (EN), but under the pictures you can click on “other language” and you’ll be directed immediately to the explanation of the pattern in the chosen language.
    That’s the ease of Garnstudio (the site of Drops wool, a link also mentioned in my left column with the free patterns). And if nothing happens by clicking on the language of your choice, this means that there is no translation available (yet).

    nid d'ange.jpg

    As I took a type of wool slightly thicker than mentioned in the pattern and also bigger needles (4,5),  the measurements of 3 months turned out to a size 6 to 9 months, which was the initial purpose.

    I’ve been looking for several models, but this one catches my eye because of the buttons at the bottom. So while baby is sleeping you can feel if little ass is still dry, without opening front size and disturbing his dreams, and if the “bunting bag” survives the winter, and baby grows, it can still be used in next winter as a “vest” in the buggy.


    nid d'ange 4.jpg

    I see they call it on the site a “bunting bag”.

    Honestly I prefer the French “nid d’ange” which sounds nicer: translated it would become “a nest for an angel” (and every baby is sleeping like an angel) and as you can see, the Portuguese (Ninho de anjo) agrees with this explanation!
    In Dutch this piece is called “trappelzak”, which means a kicking bag (and if my grandchild looks a little like his mum, then it will be a very-active-kicking bag, asleep or awaken….).

     The Germans talk simply about a sleeping bag (schlafsack); is it a lack of creativity or simply because they are optimistic?

    nid d'ange 3.jpg

    So, hope grandchild will have sweet dreams in it!



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