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  • Veldhoven 2012


    I’ve been to Veldhoven yesterday, looking at the exhibition in 't Koningshof ...
    Open European Quilt Championships (clic for link)  

    and that is where you can see the winners of 2012.

    I enjoyed my day, travelled with bus with a relaxed arrival before 11 and leaving at 17 hrs.
    A whole long day among quilts and fabrics … you can imagine we all had a wonderful day!

    My absolute favorite this year …

    Bodil Gardner

    I never heard of her before and I simply loved her quilts : funny, whimsical, interesting, warm colors, fine details, unusual fabric choice, neat finishing, and most of all funny.

    It’s not the type of patchwork I make, this is more the quilt I like to look at and they make me feel good and make me smile.

    She’s also a very likeable person, always explaining with a lot of movements, she does not stop running to a quilt on the wall  back to her table to show what she means, and she's not greedy to explain how she choose her colors and fabrics.

    bodil 1.jpg



    Another big success was Reiko Kato with her so perfect quilts. Some quilts exposed were from her students. And she did not stop sewing during the day … when does she eat?


    And we had our Belgian Quilter exposing her quilts along an impressive wall and corner: Anne Marie Pesser.  Beautiful quilts based on traditional blocs, If you have a chance to follow a workshop with here, don’t hesitate : she’s well known for her kindness and professionalism.


    there was also a collection of USA quilts round the theme : in full bloom 2011 :  A juried exhibition of quilts made on the theme of flowers and gardens.

    Some stunning quilts were hanging from the ceiling and here are some details I liked .


    of course there was so many much more

    all the contest quilts 

     some really really wonderful, others not my taste of color;
    but I have to admit that I saw less horrible finished quilts as in Birmingham.

    Here a few details of some of them …


    I show you only a tiny little bit of what was shown …

    with a quick overview

    and as every year ...   I still don’t like the hanging "back to back" of the quilts without any separation between them…


    and as you can see, there were some quilts from the Cairo Tentmakers, collection of Barbara Chainey

    Next year the dates are changing : from 2013 the OEQS will take place in October and to overcome the “long” period between now and then, there will be an exhibition without competition in May, just like this year and before.


    What else to say ?  well … when we arrived and when we left ...
    I was not happy to see that yarn bombing discovered the trees of ‘tKoningshof.

    I like yarn bombing, I find it is a great initiative

     and I would like to see more of it

    … but …

     in cities or surrounding all kind of men-made objects

    and NOT covering trees!

     That is not the purpose!!
    Nature is beautiful of itself; it does not need to be hidden behind colorful knitwork … I don’t get it, because just nearby there is an ugly lamppost or an awful garbage can … and so many other objects that could use some layers of color.

    But not the trees    Wenkbrauw ophalen


    So this was it for me. I’m going to enjoy my purchases …

    guess for whom these locomotifs will be ? and his parents are going to love it, because it’s charity and fair trade embroidered work from south Africa  Knipogen.

    and for me … for my quilt of the October competition here in Belgium, open to all members of our guild (info of location and dates -> click here) some fabrics from Oakshot coordinated to my african pannel I bought in SteMarie last year.

    and as you notice: we had all little bracelets as entry-pass,
    felt like we were going to a rock-concert!


    and after such a day of “promenading”

    … I felt a little like this quilt of Bodil Gardner …

    bodil final.jpg


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