• noël dans Secret Garden


    Si vous êtes dans le coin de Bruxelles, plus précisément à Laken, rue de Wand,
    faites un petit saut chez Secret Garden !!

    Il y a un petit marché de Noël dans la salle des cours du magasin
    et ceci demain samedi 10 décembre et puis la semaine prochaine jusqu’à samedi 17 décembre.

    Il y a de petites bricoles brodées,
    des broderies mises en valeur dans de beaux cadres,
    des articles de Noël,
    idéal si vous n’avez pas le temps de confectionner vite un cadeau supplémentaire, surtout à des prix compétitifs !!!

    En plus, c’est aussi une pause de papotage avec la toujours souriante Véronique … et le connaisseur Johny. 

    Question de se mettre en forme pour les fêtes !



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  • Home & Houses

    For those who are not able to come to the exhibition of june in the CC Strombeek-Bever (all Grimbergens Artists 2009) : here is the picture of my second quilt I'll show. It was made for the competition of Quiltmania for Creativa (little quilts) a while ago.


    It is made entirely of woollen fabrics, all samples I got from a manufacturer, normally used for costumes and garments. So it was a little hard to sew and to quilt through all those seams; I also used embroidery stitches of my sewing machine to quilt some parts. Here and there you'll see some lace pieces on it and also a veil : it was a base to put on some embroidery with all kind of stitches. Very much wool thread for couching as well...
    There are different kind of houses, ment to fit for anybody who lokes at it, and it shows that a home can be a house from any style or any class; it is not the outside of the bricks or clay that makes it a home, it is what you put in of yourself. As well for the garden, if there is one around.

    houses door

    houses garden all


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