• bouquet of tulips

    A bargain … three bouquets for the prize of one!


    When I hear the word bouquet, I always have to think on Hyacinth Bucket from the television series “Keeping up Appearances” with Patricia Routledge in the splendid portrayed snobbish main role. She wanted her name to be pronounced ‘bouquet’ à la française. With her sisters Violet, Daisy and Rose, they all had flower-names.  It’s still one of the series I like to look at, again and again.

    Thus, a local flower shop had so many tulips … and I came at the right time.

    So this weekend (and following days) I’ll be looking at a deep-red-burgundy-velveteen-tulip-bouquet. 


    Meanwhile I’ve been trying to find my Rotary Cutter and Mat in my studio, a place still filled with all the stuff packed and wrapped in big cardboard boxes … it took me one hour and a half, because I mentioned on the boxes mostly what’s inside, but the one with my scissors and cutters, was just the last one I found – behind every other box. 
    So now I can start with my curtains for the living-room.
    The ones I had are too small to fit the new window, so I’ll make them “patchworked-bigger” with insertion of some other fabrics.

    So cutting and sewing, that’s going to be my thing to do this weekend.

    Have a nice weekend to you too!


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