• ledendag - journée des membres



    Notre journée nationale des membres s’est bien déroulée aujourd’hui avec > 300 participantes !




    Matin avec café, spéculoos et papotages, question de se raconter les dernières nouvelles et de retrouver les patcheuses que l’on n’ait pas vu depuis longtemps.
    Midi c’est repas sandwich pour toutes et tous (et oui, ci et là un homme avec son patch !!)
    Après c’est le dessert préparée par notre déléguée internationale Anne ! 4 pièces pour chacun !!!


    journée nationale des membres, nationale ledendag, bqv, abp


    Puis un show & tell (pas de photos car j’aidais à les présenter)


    Notre expo de vaches (pas folles du tout) – patron donné par AnneMarie Pesser l’an passé


    journée nationale des membres, nationale ledendag, bqv, abp


    Les démonstratrices au travail


    journée nationale des membres, nationale ledendag, bqv, abp


    La vente de seconde main


    journée nationale des membres, nationale ledendag, bqv, abp


    Une tombola réussie   et  en plus 11 paquets de blocs d’amitié (fait sur place pendant la journée) et à distribuer parmi les participantes


    journée nationale des membres, nationale ledendag, bqv, abp



    Maintenant fatiguée de trimbaler chaises et tables pour rendre une salle picobello vide …


    À + !!


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  • BQV ABP 2014

    Aujourd’hui, picknick au jardin du château, dans le soleil, et ça un premier weekend en octobre …

    by ViDerTextil, bqv, abp, enghien, edingen, 2014


    Demain, dernier jour pour visiter parmi les quelques 400 quilts ... ceux-ci !

    bqv, abp, anghien, edingen, by ViDerTextil,

    bqv, abp, anghien, edingen, by ViDerTextil,

    bqv, abp, anghien, edingen, by ViDerTextil,

    bqv, abp, anghien, edingen, by ViDerTextil,

    bqv, abp, anghien, edingen, by ViDerTextil,

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  • National Happening 2014 I

    Voilà nous sommes prêtes à vous recevoir  !!!

    Un petit avant-goût …

    À la salle Acacia … parmi les collections présentés il y a des quilts Provinces et des quilts Concours ... plus de 200 quilts, petits et grands, modernes mais beaucoup de classiques aussi, plus les quilts jeunes ...


    national happening Enghien Edingen, 2014, bqv, abp

    national happening Enghien Edingen, 2014, bqv, abp

    national happening Enghien Edingen, 2014, bqv, abp

    et comme on voit grand cette année pour notre 25ème anniversaire de l'association ...
    Au château … il y a la collection « 12by12 » (144 quilts) « Whisperers » (20 quilts) « Celebrate Together » (60 quilts) « Lutgard Gerber Billiau » (30 quilts)

    national happening Enghien Edingen, 2014, bqv, abp

    national happening Enghien Edingen, 2014, bqv, abp

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  • demo's Enghien-Edingen

    Les photos de Ste Marie aux Mines – les expos – attendront encore un peu – trop de travail avec autres choses plus urgentes.

    En attendant  … venez consulter la liste des démonstrations que patcheuses de tout le pays donneront la semaine prochaine à Enghien


    Pictures of the exhibitions of Ste Marie aux Mines will have to wait a little, because lack of time! Too busy with other urgent stuff … sorry

    But meanwhile have a look to the demonstrators we’ll have in our BIG patchwork event next week in Edingen


    shops 2014.JPG

    abp, bqv, edingen, enghien, national happening

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  • Belgian Quilters Association


    Yesterday we had our regional gathering of the Belgian Quilters Guild.

    74 ladies and 1 husband, all together in a room with fabrics, needles, pins, threads, scissors, and we provided a lot of cookies and other sweets and healthy food too.

    What asking more?


    The room was so silent at the start … and so full of joy during the day


    We had a wonderful show & tell (this is only a snapshot)


    We had also a mini contest of summer quilts

    Mine that did not win (sniff J ) – I’ll talk you more about the making of this one next week.


    The presence of a shop (Diana's  HoppyPatch) with two demonstrators (the lady on the left is Diana’s mum – 92 years !!!  This means absolutely that quilting is good for your health J )

    & a gigantic “tombola” with a lot of patch-items to win ...


    From Diana we received all a little panel, I’ve got one with some cute robots (guess for whom this will be …)

    and the participants of the summer-exhibition had four little squares with kids sitting offered by Chris, Rita and me.

    The pic’s on the left is the project we proposed to our visitors:

     a potholder but with a gap – like a pocket - between the two blocks, so that you can put a little pouch in with scented herbs and if you use the potholder as a coaster and you put something warm on it, you smell the fragrance.  And some of the participants had a block finished …


    What more to say today?  

    Happy mother’s day to all the mums of Belgium and the countries where they celebrate it today





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  • quiltbreak

    yesterday was our last QuiltBreak of the season because next month we have our Provincial Gathering of Vlaams-Brabant/Brussel and in June there is the QuiltInPublic-day … and the we have the summer break and thus we start again with our afternoon-reunions in autumn.

    More info at our BelgiumQuiltersAssociation site

    for those who don’t know what we are doing on such days …

    drinking coffee and tea and soup (still winter temperatures here!)

    ... eating some candy - cookies - …

    ... and of course we are busy with our hands and textiles





    leftovers from Clara and all this will become quilts.


    You still have this week to sign up for our event on 12th of may!!


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  • Edingen Enghien 2011


    We had our first day in Edingen-Enghien for the national exhibition.

    It’s a very beautiful exhibition with a lot of happy visitors today, and a wonderful weather for a little walk in the gardens of the castle.

    I did a demo today, little pockets in patchwork-fabric, of course it can be done in any kind of fabric, and I brought a few of my books (which sold very well, I’m happy with such result!!).


    Here a few snapshots of my little quilt I entered, and some other quilts I liked and also an overview of the hall.










    We have also the EQA-Color Connections series, which is very special.

    These quilts are travelling since last year through all the countries member of the European Quilt Association and now they are in Belgium.

    You can come and visit till Sunday!!! So don’t miss it …



    KnipogenLachenLachenKnipogenLachenLachen   ZoenenVerrast

    pub poster.jpg


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  • pub pub pub

    Let’s make publicity and advertisement for our Belgium Quilters Guild …

    We have some new items in our shop

    Two bags, all black with our logo in the center of one side.

    There is one in synthetic material, good for rainy wet and muddy weather: it’s foldable to finish with a little purse.



    The other is the classic model in pure cotton to hang on your shoulders.

    Here you have left the synthetic, right the cotton


    Those of you who’ll come to Edingen looking at our sensational exhibition, they can buy it over there. We have also pins and a tape measure with our logo. Otherwise you’ll have to come to one of our provincial events, quilt break or quilt day …


    Et n’oubliez pas que ce jeudi 6 octobre je serais à partir de 10 h dans le magasin Modes & Travaux jusqu’aux environs de 17 h.

    C’est tout près de la gare St. Lazare à Paris. Venez me rendre une petite visite !!




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  • luxembourg

    Rose organise sa première journée provinciale !!!

    alors si ça vous tente ... toutes les informations sont ici :

    patch, bout'tissus et +

    je lui souhaite autant de succès que nous avons dans notre province  Knipogen


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  • prov.d.2011

    Yesterday we (=Vlaams-Brabant &Brussel from the Belgian Quilters Guild) had our reunion (=“provinciale dag”)

    How can I explain what we did, how we felt, and what did happen on this particularly day?

    Best is to show you the pic’s …

    First participants arrived at 9.20 am (while doors normally opening at 10.00 am!!! early birds…) and very quickly we ended with 64 in the room.
    At the end of the day we showed all our bags, because, even if we don’t really need anything anymore, we can’t resist to visit the shop we invited this year to be present too: ‘t Wolwinkeltje from Leuven.

    1 volk komt eraan.jpg

    We are three to get everything done for our region, all year through: from left to right, you see Chris, then this humble writer, and Rita (our coordinates are on our website, if you ever might need it).

    2 verantw prov vl brab.jpg

    There was an exhibition of the works done with the little piece of fabric we gave last year: 24 quilters made something beautiful with it, and first prize won a bundle of fabrics of Kaffe Fassett (to make a whole top for single bed, given by the invited shop ‘tWolwinkeltje.

    On the pic: first prize= left; second and third could make first choice between all the stuff we had for our tombola-lottery

    3 prijzen wedstrijd.jpg


    3 tombola expo.jpg

    The atmosphere???

    4 naaien1.jpg

    4 naaien2.jpg

    4 naaien3.jpg

    And of course we had a show & tell

    5 show en tell.jpg

    5 magic.jpg

    and there was also a lunch offered to our members, cookies before noon with coffee or tea, dessert in the afternoon, a demonstration with hexagons from Rita, a lot of fun, a lot of talking, a lot of meeting new people and seen back some others, a lot of exchanging tips and tricks, a lot of laughter, … and now it is waiting till the next day, next year (12th of May 2012), but in between we’ll have a lot of quiltbreaks-afternoons …

    And I’ll end with Inge (from the shop) presenting THE solution for night work:
    glasses with LED lights….

    6 inge.jpg


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