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  • Festival of Quilts 2012 Part IV


    One of the last artists I loved the work and the special corner in the exhibition hall is Kate Dowty who with a background in graphic design, makes some wonderful quilts with a very textural surface. Starting with a landscape, and its seasonal changes, she uses a mixture of techniques and makes beautiful mural quilts with layers of fabrics threads and colors.

    KATE DOWTY.jpg


    There were more galleries of artists, but when you are forbidden to take pictures, you cannot show anything on a blog ….



    Also we had also a lecture by Leslie Gabrielse,


    His words from his website (click)


    While a student at the Academy of the Arts in Rotterdam, I was exposed to many media and enthusiastically embraced all possibilities. I worked in ceramics, textile design, graphic arts and painting. I found handling textiles very satisfying, partially because as a child I was surrounded by many fabrics and the sound of a sewing machine because my mother was a fashion designer. Even though my material is fabric I consider myself a painter-draftsman always working with the interpretation between material and illusion.


    lect gabrielse1.jpg


    During his lecture he explained us step by step, photo by photo, how he made his appliqued quilts, embroidered with perlé thread n°5. The whole creative process was explained in detail and in fact, he is a painter with fabrics. It was a fascinating moment and I felt so sad that so little persons did take time to hear him talking about his creativity and revealing his details. You could take pictures as much you wanted, and at the end he unfolded one of his last pieces: impressive! I bought his book (signed of course) and I ‘ve done a very good buy. I remembered the first time I saw some of his quilts was in the 199x in Brugge, Belfort, when there was the annual quilt exhibition from the UK that came abroad; couple of years before the Festival of quilts were started. It was a magic moment, because the Belfort is a very special location with a nice “atmosphere”. He was also in Veldhoven at the OEQC two years ago, see my article here.


    lect gabrielse2.jpg


    One of his quilts was hanging in the NEC, at the exhibition of SAQA Masters Art Quilts volume 2.

    click on Masters 2 and you’ll see all the quilts from this travelling collection.


    lect gabrielse3.jpg


    Another “classic” in the Festival of Quilts is the Diversity in Europe with one quilt of each member-country. This year Belgium chose a public winner of last year’s exhibition (corner right up in second pic hereunder)





    From the shops I’ll show you my dear friends of “Il était une fois” : here is Michèle Charvet on the picture and if you want to see more of her boutis it’s here,
    and more of the shop and the news on the blog, it’s click here. Of course you’ll see them in the Alsace next month!


    shop iletait1fois.jpg


    My meeting with Chris Gray was wonderful; we chatted every day a little moment and had lunch on Sunday before we left. She’s a lady always full of energy and so much kindness: her blog is here     and from there you can go to her shop. At the NEC she was running between her stand and the workshops (all full and sold out)  she gave J.

    Look on the pic’s to all those little embroidery threads she dyed!


    shop mabon arts1.jpg


    She presented her little houses in real (look in the middle of the pic)  and they are all wonderful.
     For the ones who didn’t make it to Birmingham: she’ll be at Sainte Marie aux Mines and know that the patterns of her houses are also explained in French and Dutch !!

    shop mabon arts2.jpg


    An annual ‘rendez-vous’ is also the stand of the Cotton Patch of Birmingham with the fabrics of Rowan: all those colors and fabrics and models: Who wouldn’t like such a stand???

    shop rowan.jpg


    And a very special wall on a stand caught my attention: zigzags.

    Look at these stuffed little log cabins, all attached in the corners, isn’t it wonderful? The site is zigzagsonline.co.uk


    shop zigzags.jpg


    And a newcomer – at least I never saw her at the FoQ : so refreshing, so fine work, so carefully displayed and the owner … well she was always smiling and working with her hook : I present you Woolipip. Her site (click here) is full of lovely little things she made.

    shop woolipip.jpg


    So that’s it for today

    Next posting will be about two other shops, special meetings and a selection of the competition quilts. Because, don’t forget, the FoQ is first of all a giant competition of international quilting!

    Have a great weekend


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