• flowering cactus


    And here are some of my cactuses blooming again.

    Year after year, I enjoy their flowers,
    coming and leaving, in all their splendid colors.


    Its official name is Schlumbergera, sometimes also called Zygocactus, and they come in many tones and shades.

    Begin of the 19th century it has been introduced in Europe from Brazil by Alan Cunningham, a British botanist and explorer.
    Though he’s more known for his staying in Australia where he was, as official Government Botanist, collecting specimens for Kew Gardens.

    It was years later that another botanist named this plant after a certain Frederic Schlumberger, who was a French collector.


    It’s in fact an epiphyte in nature, just growing on a tree branch, getting water from rain and air-humidity. In this way, its roots are never in moist soil, so that means that they can stand a lot of dry periods.
     And they need this for flowering.

    Those flowers are coming at the end of its branches, which are a series of leaves and they go to sleep every night, closing their ‘petals’.


    Enjoy your weekend!


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