• calendar 02


    This year,
     I have a very a-typical odd curious calendar with pictures
    that – at first sight – don’t fit the month …
    except if I search a little further …


    This month, February, normally cold and wet,
    still wintertime, not much alive in the garden
    and yet I find a picture with exuberant red roses in the garden, flowering as heaven … of course!
    It is Valentine’s this month, therefore be loved and love   
    J !!!!!



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  • Calendar - December

    december, calendar

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  • Calendar Oktober-Octobre-October



    Je vous souhaite un bon mois d’octobre !  


    Hope you’ll have a good month of October !


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  • Calendar - September


    Quelques pensées pour commencer la nouvelle année scolaire…


    Some thoughts to start this new school-year full of learning possibilities …




    september thoughts by ViDerTextil


    This month I’ll be on Friday 6th of September in Veritas Steenstraat Brugge for a demonstration of Prym Consumer products (don’t know yet what item, I’ll tell you in next days)


    And very important : the international patchwork meeting in Val D’Argent:


    Stand Anny Boutique   F37  

    this is in the big room.of the commercial area,

    on Thursday 12th and Friday 13th of this month.


     You can find all information by clicking here.


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  • Calendar - August

    by ViDerTextil, calendar august

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  • calendar - june


    A new month ... maybe we’ll have a little more sunshine and less grey skies ...
    anyhow, a lot of joy and creative happiness,
    that’s what I wish you all with this new pic of my ‘on-the-kitchen-wall-hanging-calendar’.
    And as I saw lemons in the Royal greenhouses in Laeken, I’m adding them to the theme of this month



    Ne pas oublier – not to forget: this weekend open doors at Secret Garden, beautiful shop (embroidery and other textile stuff and many books…)



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  • calendar - May

    calendar, may, mei, mai,

    dixit Mahatma Gandhi

    calendar, may, mei, mai,

    calendar, may, mei, mai,

    Joyeux mois de mai !!!!

    Have a happy month of May.

    calendar, may, mei, mai,

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  • calendar - april

    almost forgotten ...



    Happy april month!

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  • Calendar February



    Here we are already in second month of 2013 !

    First of all:


    Happy Birthday to my wonderful daughter !!!




    And then for all of you,

    hope your month will start well

    (better than the grey sky full of rainy clouds over here…)

    Keep on smiling ! 28 days long …



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  • Calendar - January

    reserve 2013.jpg


    And here we go, as usual, first day of the month with a view of what I’ll be seeing on my kitchen wall during the month coming up … this year it’s a calendar that caught my eye because of the fresh look, the nice designing, the beautiful colors, and the short quotes. Hope you’ll enjoy it during this year 2013 which I hope will be good for you.

    Nous voici pour reprendre l’habitude dans cette nouvelle année (qui j’espère a bien commencé pour vous tous et toutes) : chaque premier jour du mois vous verrez ce que je vais voir durant tout le mois  J . Et j’espère que cette année 2013 sera très bonne pour vous.




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