• play place for Q

    As I’ll take care two days a week from next month for my little Q - because V & M have to go working (like so many others)

    And I’m retired … so I’ve got plenty of time J … at least that’s what I thought …

    I had to prepare a few things in my home for the arrival of my little man.

    As I want him to be safe while I’m cooking or doing something where I need my both hands and my eyes, and also a place for his little nap in the afternoon,

    I have borrowed a “play center” from friend S as it was on her attic and her girls aren’t yet so far to make her grandma….

    I scrubbed it a little and have been busy this weekend with sewing …



    I made a new small mattress, attached to the bars with ribbons in the corners (better to keep it in place).

    It’s a cotton fabric with little cows, recto verso, so if there is a little stain or if Q spilled something, I can turn it so that he can play or sleep on a clean surface and as it’s all cotton, I can then wash it in the evening while he’s home.

    I hope he’ll like the little cows in the meadow (l’amour est dans le pré J).


    With some zpagetti yarn and a big hook (if you don’t know what zpagetti is : clic ) I made some accessories and some teethers he might nibble on as much he wants; it’s good material because it is solid and washable!


    And then, till he’ll be sitting straight and won’t fall anymore on his side against the wooden bars, I made a protection with the cars’ fabric from Camille from “il était une fois”   on the outside.

    The inside is made in stripes : two big cars (it’s a boy!!) as on the outside, mixed with other cottons I had in my stash in very vivid colors, and a little dynosaurus print

    and I inserted flannel filling, all washable – you never know…


    everything is ready for Q


    PS : the zpagetti yarn was first from t-shirts, but now it’s industrial fabrication… but you could make it yourself from an old t-shirt : look at site of Craft Passion  - clic 


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