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    This is a pic of the square meters round our « cultureel centrum » of Grimbergen and it is situated in Strombeek-Bever, and the center is close to my home.

    For the ones who aren’t familiar with Belgium: you have one city our major town with municipalities: here you have Grimbergen that’s the town and Strombeek-Bever is one of the municipalities as well as the others Humbeek & Beigem.

    So for Grimbergen the CC is actually in Strombeek-Bever.

    They are 'upgrading' the area around (making it a little more city with concrete and bricks…)
    and I hope they won’t eliminate the little green place with the water-feature that’s leftover!


    This to mention that the new season 2012-2013 of their program was published on Saturday the 2nd   of June and that before noon on that day

    – thanks to internet possibilities –

    I have my tickets!
    Prices are interesting the more shows you take,
    but mine stopped at six events for next “season” year.

    I had to make a serious choice, can’t see everything, and can’t go to all the shows … but I’ve got

    The one who is already “sold out”

    Hooverphonic !! And I have a good seat to enjoy their music … 


    I have also Living Roots ( a yearly project where performers change every time),


     Bert Kruismans with his new show (I’ll have the Flemish version, but he’s doing also a French one),

    De Frivole Framboos,

    a show as a tribute to Yasmine with Clara Cleymans, Barbara Dex, Gunther Verspecht and Kris de Bruyne,     

    I’m going to have some good evenings!!!

    Sadly my piggy bank can’t take more …

    because there is soooo much to see …


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