christmas cactus

  • flowers and soul

    Remember in March of this year, early spring I had this plant in my living room: simply gorgeous.


    Saw it every year in the Royal Gardens, and took finally the risk to buy one.

    The flowers felt down after a few weeks, and the leaves were rather melancholy during the summer, but then …

    ooohh surprise !!!! Look what came peeping !


    Only one flower, but I’m happy it’s blooming again!!

    and yes someone little is peeping too in the corner …


    and the Christmas cactuses are starting their blooming period too. A lot of flowers …


    Where did I go yesterday evening??? I went to a concert.


    Two of my favorite Belgian performers on the scene, just those two with 25 year luggage on songs, rhythm and beautiful poems.


    Paul Michiels     and       Jan Leyers

    started with ‘way to your heart’ without all the jingles and bells … only two guitars and their warm voices …chilling and the atmosphere was set! I felt just like in the good old days when I was young …a little bit younger ... hm!

    You want to hear and see them too … look at  



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