christmas tree

  • the tree this year


    Almost forgot to show you a pic of my Christmas  tree of this   year

    christmas tree, embroidery, quilts, cozy decorations, ViDerTextil

    took the sewn & quilted  items

    christmas tree, embroidery, quilts, cozy decorations, ViDerTextil

    cozy decorations
    thinking that a little boy
    would love to touch it…

    christmas tree, embroidery, quilts, cozy decorations, ViDerTextil

    The embroidery   is  also  part  of  
    the show

    christmas embroidery, ViDerTextil

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  • the tree


    This morning, wonder and surprise in the eyes of little Q …


    I’ve set up my Christmas tree in the living (it’s not a real one, so no worry It’ll loose his needles)   


    This year, an extra attention to make it “child-friendly” with little bears, birds, reindeers, snowman …     


    And he was curious for a few minutes, but then his toys and little cars and little farm animals got all of his attention … and he didn’t care about lights and the bears, the birds, the reindeers or the snowman in the tree !!     


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  • tree is there


    As my Christmas tree is an artificial one, I’m not obliged to wait till Christmas day to put it in my warm living room.

    And it’s installed ! yeah, already, I'm an early bird  Knipogen

    Got it all out of the cellar, all the decorations were intact since my moving earlier this year, nothing’s broken.


    A few new things however …

    Some birds …


    The Russian dolls I found so cute and it’s giving my tree that little red and warm touch…


    A little less crystal ornaments compared to last year, there’s still a lot in the boxes…

    It’s giving my living room a warm feeling, because mornings tend to stay long dark, and night is already there in the late afternoon

    & near my desk and my pc, this little snowball with tree inside, I’m shaking it all the time


    I don’t hate those long nights; I don’t like the short days J

    What about your homes ? Already a festive touch ?



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