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  • calendar - June

    Today is the first of June and here on my calendar I’ve got for this whole month a view withbfour gorgeous cups of coffee – won’t be enough for me except if it’s the daily ration … really every day J .

    06 juni.JPG

    Presented in a design coffee service where the four little plates fit together in the center. Nice, although I don’t know if you can hold the cups easily between your fingers … I think I’ll keep my mug like now …

    I like the little coffee beans thrown here and there in a nice pattern on the table – not practical but it looks nice on a coffee-meeting-with-friends. A napkin with that design would be great too.

    Have you already noticed how many beautiful designs you could make with milk and cream in coffee?

    Something like these (found at tuscantraveler, schemamag, last, francescomugnai,, coffee-wikia, libriecaffelatte, womansday, douglasgreen, limcorp & sunschinegreen)


    For more of this temporary art,   do have a look at this : clic clic  

    So, for this month, you have a lot of inspiration for your next cup(s) of happiness!

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