• cozy snood


    I think this will be the last knitted snood for this winter.

     Not that the winter is already over, we still have some months to go where it can snow, be cold, freezing cold ….

    No, I’m talking about the “last” because it’s time to start packing and wrapping so many stuff and things I see round me. Unbelievable how much I have been piling up in a flat in five years’ time. 
    So there will be not that many time –or energy- left for my hands to be busy hooking, knitting, sewing…


    I’ve chosen a wallpaper today for my new ‘home’ and hope I can start next ‘end of the week’ with all the paintings and other works to do,
    and I hope everything runs like planned … maybe I’m naïve to believe this … because trying to have all those firms and people work together … you really need some organizational skills and a lot of good will from those firms! Let me explain:  you’ve got the electricity doing their stuff on x-day and the water-company on y-day and the internet/phone/television on z-day … and when you explain or at least try to explain on one of them that it would be easier they’ll come all the same day, they just say that they don’t have to fit another’s planning …




    So let’s talk first about this snood.
    It’s a small one, not to wear double wrapped, but more to fit like a collar.

    Off-white with some decorative elements in crochet,
    very simple,
    just a couple of colored chains between the knitting stitches,
    a few hooked flowers sewed on a row,
    a small border on the under edge and a waved one on the upper side.


    That’s it.

     And let me tell you that it’s warm, snuggly cozy warm, cuddling my neck with softness…






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