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  • Festival of Quilts 2012 Part VI


    From the competition quilts you’ll see in all the magazines the winning quilts, so I decided to show you only Best of Show in detail (it is also Winner Group Quilts and Judges Choice of Greta Fitchett) because it is so fun!!  It’s made by the group mentioned in the catalogue as “the ‘no name’ quilters” and on the website of TwistedThread as the Dumb-Belles. They named the quilt:  The Quilters Games. Remember the Olympic Games!!!


    524 overall winner group.JPG










    And then some other competition quilts I liked a lot

    Starting with:   Jan Frazer Australia & Jenny Rolfe UK



    My absolute favorite … Angela Schenz Austria



    Mike Wallace & Helen Parrot UK



    Natalia Manley UK & Yvonne Kervinen Sweden & Lucie summers UK


    Rita Dijkstra Netherlands & Juana Castaneda Spain



    In Category ‘two persons’: Lesley Williamson +the Bramble Shop & Debbie Evans + Aileen Bunker UK




    Caroline Wilkinson & Neel Williams & Ferret UK



    Jane Hendrickx Netherlands & Jane Appelbee Uk



    Kate Tribe UK & the Marlton Elementary School UK



    I will not talk about the ‘not-to-show-quilts’
    they were bad enough for me, I’m not going to hurt your eyes…


    So here’s time to leave Birmingham (in blog-reporting-time, it’s already a little time ago in reality…)

    I thought last year that we were flying with an old airplane because of the propellers … but I was wrong.
     In fact the Bombardier Q400 is now one of the most popular aircrafts on short distance for several airlines.
    Brussels Airlines has three of them operating. Technologically, it’s the most advanced and fastest turboprop in the world. It also has a significant reduced environmental impact; it produces 30 to 40% less emissions (more than 6.000 tons fewer of CO2 per year) and it uses also that % less fuel.
    It is also one of the most quietist aircrafts in the world. Inside there is a system called ANVS (active noise and vibration suppression) that reduces noise and vibration making it as quiet as a jet whit outside 10 decibels less noise!


    Look at the site of Bombardier (click – there’s EN for English version) and you’ll know everything about it.


    So, this might be one of the reasons why I’ll be going back to Birmingham next year J  among a lot of other reasons …




    Hope you enjoyed my reporting about the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham 2012 !!! you want to see more? Well, only one solution: you’ll have to go over there JJJ  next year…


    8th to 11th august 2013 à  note this in your calendars   !!!


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