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  • Things that happened this week

    I’ve eaten too much, not fruit or vegetables, no, sweeter stuff, especially chocolates because I received a box – a big one! - two days ago, and it’s all gone.

    I’ve had the visit of Nadine and daughter Laure; I’ve been with Liliane to a yarn shop and bought some Bergère de France SPORT wool (that’s the nice part of the week…).

    I’ve exercised too little; will make a rainy walk today so that all those kilos round my waist will have a meltdown.

    Yesterday, my computer said STOP … why? That’s the question, and I went sleeping without finding the answer, without solving the problem; don’t need to say that my gray matter in my head didn’t get the rest it deserves. So, this morning, with a very tired brain and with a hell blue screen in front of me, I did a ‘restart’, a ‘reboot’, I scanned for failures and viruses, and those smart expensive programs didn’t detect anything, wonder why I paid for it … After two cups of coffee and the not too good news on the radio about dollars and euros I start thinking that my computer is showing some solidarity with the financial markets … who knows? Computers do strange things sometimes, like mine did in the last 24 hours. Maybe I’ll have to call Bauer to solve the problem like it’s so easy on TV. Or maybe my computer participates the hype round our Belgian-Americanised little ‘smurfs’ and turned blue because of an invasion of little creatures taking over the power in Strombeek…

     I’m a stubborn person, I don’t give up that easily, and I don’t want to call to quickly for help to an IT-genius,
    this morning
    with two big, very big, cups of strong coffee, I pushed some buttons, separately, together, and then suddenly the blue screen became black and a lot of DOS-program-language appears … would it work ?

    I get an (almost) empty screen looking like the one when I had my computer all glittering new and fresh and without my personnel touches.
    And now it wants me to install a lot of stuff I never heard or read about.  So this is the moment where my computer takes over the power!
    I refuse … and … it stops all activity.
    It has the power!
    I take a hot freshly baked croissant out of the oven (needs sugar food for my little cells in my skull) and restart the whole thing AGAIN. That’s how you use and worn out those buttons of your keyboard – if you didn’t notice yet.

    Maybe I’ll have to put all ‘faulty’ computers together in a committee when they become too powerful, because once in such a committee … then they do nothing anymore… saw that in the news and read it in the newspapers.

    But …
    you can read this message …
    that means that all is okay now!

    Don’t know what was wrong, don’t know what I finally did to make it work, but I have my documents back, except the ones of yesterday, I have my history on internet back, except for the last 24 hours, and all my programs are running normally …

    OUF!  I start a good weekend, despites the chocolate-kilos and the rain.

     Hope you do too!


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