• Festival of Quilts 2012 Part III


    One of the other galleries that was refreshing was the “CQ@10” : the 10th birthday of the Contemporary Quilt celebrating this event with a picture that refers to “tin”, symbol of 10th anniversaries. An image of a tin mine was the starting point for all these quilts. In my pic’s I added this photo of Tony Howell’s tin mine in Cornwall.
    So we could see that this one image gave a wide variety of interpretation. All techniques assembled in one space:  handmade, digital photography, machine stitched, hand painted, mixed medium.

    The CQ   has got some 600 members!




    The Prague patchwork meeting presented a original collection of the Art Quilt Club CZ.  Where in 2010 they had to incorporate rust in each quilt and in 2011 it was lace, now the theme is wool. I loved the diversity of each quilt and there were so many different interesting details to catch in each one … as well the traditional as the contemporary. I’m already looking forward to next year : the theme will be beads.






    And then we saw something very original : the exhibition called “Whisperers”.


    It started with an idea by Georgina Chapman who shared it with 13 other quilters. The challenge is based on the game of Chinese whispers, where a group of children sit in a circle and whisper a message from the first child to the last, with the last one revealing the final message. Usually the result is totally different from the starting one. So here the quilts had to be of three layers, no side more than 40” or less than 24” and each artist had six weeks to complete their work and nothing was to be discussed with the other members of the group. The first quilter made her quilt based on a photograph (joined in my pic) and she sent her completed quilt to the next quilter in the chain who only saw the quilt. Quilter 2 made a quilt from the first quilt and this was then passed to the next one and so it has continued along the list.

    Here you see the starting photo, the first quilt, the second who incorporated blue color and from the third one, they all thought there was a water theme in it! Ending with the dark blue quilt.

    It was so refreshing and very interesting to see the evolution!




    I might close today’s post about artists at the festival 2012 with the lecture we followed with Jane Sassaman = a vivid and interesting narrator (clic on her name to joint her website) . She’s so passionate by colors and fabrics and designs and talked so well about it, that the time seemed to have flown with incredible speed.

    She gave us a colorful glimpse into her inspirations and design process at Westminster fabrics. From dreaming to drawing to coloring and cutting and making a quilt or dress of it: the whole creative process was explained and we saw many examples of quilts and accessories born from Jane’s fascination of fabrics. Definitely worthwhile!!!


    lect sassaman.jpg


    To finish this article, a pic with the NEC and hotels surrounding (circles round ours and our path morning-evening). As you can see, we get from the hotel into the airport, into the special little automatic train to the train station and from there by feet through long galleries with all kind of escalators, all inside ! Nice way to start or finish the day!



    Next time you’ll see some more information and pictures of my “Coups de Coeur” I had this year in Birmingham.


    Have a nice day meantime J


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