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  • creativa bxl 2012


    Who is expecting a big exhibition at Creativa from our members quilts will be disappointed… we had only 12 meters … place for seven quilts.

    Plus that our stand is wide open. We have three meters depth which would be great for someone to show items like sculptures but quilts are hanging on a wall.

    We didn’t get side walls.

    We didn’t get an “iron armature” round the stand to hang up the light spots or to hang some quilts on too …

    So those seven quilts having spots just on their top … does not make grate pictures!

    The organization changed also our place in the hall and the size of the stand … in the last days ! They did it as well for a lot of other shop owners !

    here some views

    stand 1.JPG

    stand 2.JPG

    stand 3.JPG

    Surprisingly the organization does not understand that the association has so much more to offer to their visitors … uncomprehensible…

    Nevertheless: enjoy your venue to Creativa, have a lot of fun, and come say hello to our volunteers at H15 
    and to me Friday late afternoon-evening



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