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  • cubics versus rounds

    Today I want to talk about the new Knit-Pro knitting needles

     the CUBICS.

    This is what you can find on their website:


    Square shape enables knitters to get much tighter stitches and provide comfort to the hands
    Size of square needles to be measured diagonally - should fit into the View Sizer in the same way as a round needle does

    So I gave it a try, but I had some serious doubts about this, and why?

    Look at my design




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    Your loop of yarn (that makes a stitch) fits round the needle, whether your needle is square or circle = that’s a fact.

    If the distance, measured diagonally from corner to corner of the square, is 4,5mm, thus the size of the needle, then your stitch fits around that square and when you get your stitch off of the needle and place it in a circle, it will not have a diagonal of 4,5mm at all places, because the distance from side to side of your square, is  less than 4,5mm (mathematics!!).

     While in a circle your 4,5mm is   and   will always be 4,5mm    in any diagonal…

    You can also calculate the outline of a circle having a diagonal of 4,5mm and a square having a diagonal of 4,5mm … it won’t be equal …

    as little the difference in circumference calculated in micrometers can be,
    in our knitting       it matters!


    So my first thought is that you can never have the same knitting for a cubic 4,5mm as for a round 4,5mm knitting needle.

    First see if they say true for the knitting pin gauge : okay, they fit in the same hole, just identical as the round needles of the same size.  (so far, so good)

    knit-pro, prym, knitting needles, cubic needles, aiguilles à tricoter, tricot

    & then ... curious as I am … I tried it out with some yarn!!!

    I started knitting a small piece, first knitting some rows with the round KnitPro (under on the pic) followed by the cubic KnitPro (up).

    My knitting-impressions:
    it’s not particularly easier or sturdier to knit with cubic knitting needles.

    Honestly, I didn’t feel any difference in holding the needles or picking up my stitches. Those cubics don’t feel strange between my fingers but didn’t either provide me more comfort.

    My tension in knitting isn’t very tight or very loose, I can say that I have a “normal” tension.

    knit-pro, prym, knitting needles, cubic needles, aiguilles à tricoter, tricot

    My results ?
    Not that easy to see on the pic’s,
    but for me     
    the 4,5mm cubic is not equal on a 4,5mm round!! (
    I should take a 4mm round to obtain the same gauge)
    The upper part is slightly tighter knitted than the first rows, so what they say in their publicity is true, your stitches are tighter, but that means that your gauge is also ‘smaller’

    It proves my geometric drawing … (I feel like a genius JJ)

    So carefully when you buy these …

    Take a cubic size higher than the round one to obtain the same knitting.

    It’s good to know that I cannot switch in the same work
    from rounds to cubic knitting needles having the same ‘diameter’.



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