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    A beautiful book landed in my letterbox this morning.

    Seen on amazon, checked on different sites ( all pic’s here  ) and found that there were really beautiful and intricate patterns in it.

    So I ordered it, and I’m delighted.
    Not only for the gorgeous pic’s that’s in, also for the clear explanations.
    Most models are not for beginners, basic knitting notions are not showed or you need another book near you. Someone who knows what S2KP or tbl means, has no problems (abbreviations are mentioned at the end).
    They mention also different levels, from beginner to easy to intermediate and experienced. But not one model is “beginner” and only a handful is “easy”. All the rest is intermediate or experienced.

    knit noro1.jpg

    I also miss this: what is corresponding, in our Belgian or French sizes,
     for the small, medium, large, X large or XX large??
    I’ll have to check this with the measurements of the pattern, all marked in inch.

    Their wool is gorgeous, really wonderful colors, nothing to say about that. But …it’s not always of a good quality. For me a quality yarn (and at that price you should have that) and you pull on both sides of it, it must stay one yarn and not become two or three pieces of yarn.
    And that’s the problem with some of the Noro qualities : I made some shawls for my book in Noro (Silk garden sock and kureyon sock) and I had to be careful with the blocking, when I tear it wide open.
    It’s not a shiny yarn either, but rather rustic and matte. But with all the variegated colored yarns on the market (for socks or not) and mostly cheaper than Noro too … a similar result could be obtained. All depends of the length of one color in the ball. You need long parts of an identic color way.

    Nevertheless, I love this book. Like to turn the pages…

    knit noro2.jpg

    knit noro3.jpg


















    Another book on my desk today … MCI …
    Marie Claire Idées.


    Some good ideas between the blablabla (why do they have to insert pages of beauty-products???) and the (too many) commercials.

    Like this ‘pochette’: I particularly like the triangle insert. Nice shape! Not a pattern, only mentioned that you can buy it…


    And then this bag of sturdy fabric with the knitted handle, or this one with the crochet and embroidery in a happy marriage …


    And this



    Still regret the switch MCI took some years ago in their content and layout … when I take my old ones … I found them better …


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