door stopper

  • miss élan

    Do you remember my big cute nice funny door-stopper I acquired last year  ?

    I’m talking about miss ‘élan’ in her swimsuit

    miss elan.jpg

    She was already having little mittens,
    but … wearing a swimsuit with mittens …

    You all agree with me : that doesn’t look wright


    So … for this winter after a couple of hours knitting with a tiny little ball of white wool,
    I made her … a cable sweater!

    So, now, she’s ready for the winter …

    miss elan2.jpg


    miss elan goes.jpg

    Maybe next year … I’ll knit her some boots and a hat ( with holes for her antlers )





    Ooohh   she doesn’t stop looking outside …

    does she want to leave me ????


    I’ll have to keep doors and windows closed …


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