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    My latest bus-project is this new little pouch (one more or less… I don’t count anymore).
    I showed it on my precedent post where I talked about it, as I made it on my traveling by train and bus.
    I finished it yesterday evening.


    This little pouch is for my new mp4 player. Big enough to put all the threads and earphone in, and different from the models that you find in the shops and which shows to obviously what it contains.
    I like a little mystery …


    This one is chic, feminine, elegant, colorful, has a soft cozy feeling, and no one can guess what it contains just by looking at it in my handbag; except you of course, because you see it here … o-).


    How did I make it? Very simply indeed. I love simple projects.


    I started with a number of chain stitches and here you’ll have to measure the necessary width and multiply it by two. And then you close it in round, like a ring with a slipstitch. Take care not to twist or turn your chain!
    And now, all you have to do is hook a single crochet stitch in all stitches but only in the back loop. If you put your hook under the two loops of precedent row-stitch, you won’t have that little horizontal line in your work.
    Go on in spiral all round and round and round and round till you have the height you need. I’ve put some beads in between, just because I love little beads and the light they capture between the ‘mat’ colors of the wool, and because the little box was almost empty …. By the way, the wool is a little leftover of Noro.

    Once the right height you make a row of *double crochet + chain stitch & skip one stitch* and you do this (* to *) for the whole row. This will allow you to put a string or cord through the holes.  And then I’ve done three rows of three double crochet in each stitch. It’s like the hyperbolic crochet, you increase a lot of stitches and they fall automatically in waves and curves.


    I finished with a row of slipstitches in top of every double crochet, because my wool just changed colors and I loved the way that made a small border on the edge.

    My leftover beads are sewed in a part of the last row (till the box was empty).

    The little cord is a simple chain with a row of slipstitches on top of it to make it a little thicker. At each end of my small rope I hooked a circle of two rows of double crochet which I folded in two and closed with a slipstitch at the round edge.


    Of course you can make a little ball, leave the circle open, make a little square or just simply add a big bead or pearl at those endings!


    Et voilà: another cute and useful little accessory in my handbag.

    And I’m happy I find the time to play with my yarn between all the boxes for the moving.



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