• traveler mug

    Do you know those traveler mugs you can decorate with your own fun pictures or other paper – scrapping stuff in the customizable insert that is between the double wall insulation?

    Like these ones, if you never saw them.


    I had one for a while, and with my move I re-discovered it.
     It was still naked, translucent and monotone … but for patchwork the double wall is too small, unless maybe by using only a piece of fabric … but I wanted something brighter, more special and yet not too long to make.

    The principle is easy: unlock the bottom cover and you can insert your insert. The paper that is inside is at the same time your pattern.

    I didn’t need the pattern sheet … I took threads with glitters and sparkles (I’m a luxurious girl-J) and with a fine metal bar (one of my Celtic appliqué) I pushed threads from the bottom to the top in an irregular pattern.




    Just inserting dark and light sparkling glittering embroidery threads from Madeira which I never used in my sewing machine because of fraying and breaking.

    And look at it now….



    the lid open or closed for easy drinking

    open closed.jpg

    But I’ve got to say that It doesn’t hold the heat as long as I would. For a relaxed pause on my terrace with a big cup of coffee: it’s okay!


    have a nice weekend!!




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