• vintage market



    Today was sunny in Brussels,
    lots of people in the city,
    all enjoying the beautiful weather!


    vintage market, brussels, easter, vidertextil


    And I came back home with some sweetness for the next days…



    vintage market, brussels, easter, vidertextil


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  • pasko



    Happy Easter




    Vrolijk Pasen




    Joyeuses Pâques


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  • no easter bunny...


    With these flowers on my and your screen, and without a chocolate Easter bunny - I forgot to take a pic before eating it…- you have all my best wishes for a happy Easter!


    Je vous souhaite à tous et toutes de joyeuses fêtes de Pâques et un beau et long week-end (pas ensoleillé pour l’instant, mais on fera avec J).


    Vrolijk Paasfeest  aan jullie allemaal, niet te veel chocolade eitjes eten, laat dat maar aan de kinderen, die hebben die calorietjes nog nodig !!!!


    And this is the change on my terrace in just a couple of days when the sun was shining …

    Dans l’espoir que mon petit arbre fruitier me donne à nouveau quelques bonnes grosses cerises !




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  • h&h koeln 2011 - 2

    one of my absolute favorites of this year at the H&H   at Köln was the booth of Danish Christel Seyfarth : simply gorgeous pieces of knitwear.

    I’ll give you here the pic’s I made, but you absolutely must have a look at her website (click here   and for her shop here   and don’t hesitate to look further, it’s worth it for knitters).

    Stunning knitwear sold in boxes with all the wool needed for the garment.
    Fabulous wool made for perfect intarsia shawls and vests. The borders are double-sided, so even if your shawl is falling open, you’ll have a nice finished edge.

    And then I didn’t mention the colors …. Ooohh why don’t I have more time in a day, I could so start the shawl with the flowers (the one with the belt in the waist)…

    christel seyfarth1.jpg

    christel seyfarth2.jpg

    christel seyfarth 3.jpg

    For those who mailed me for the cape of Prym or my Poncho    (I talked about in precedent posting)

    à Here is a pic with all together. Also of the colorful necklace-shawl made of a cord of 4-pegged loom.

    poncho and cape.jpg

    And then I want to show you -now and in the coming days- some presentations of the material shown on the stands which I found special enough to get pictured.

    This one is from a manufacturer of buttons and shawl pins.
    Don’t know how they fixed the (big) wig of wool … but it was well done with all their pins fixed in it. It was very different from those who showed it just on a shawl because it’s meant for that purpose.

    presentation 3 pins.jpg

    As we come close to Easter, we, of course (!), need that theme for the decorations and preferably in the right colors of Easter.

    presentation chicks.jpg

    presentation felt.jpg

    Which brings me to my own little chicken-bunny collection that I’m exhibiting in my home … It’s the time of the year!

    chicken run.jpg

    bunny bunny.jpg


    Hope you’ll get back tomorrow for a visit here, so you can read some more news of the fair!

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