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  • Calendar - September

    First day of a new month,
    the one that announces the end of the summer, because it’s the one where the season “autumn” begins,
     where new school years are launched with a lot of new stuff for the kids,
    where new quilt groups meet again ...

    The pic on my coffee-calendar shows some beans.


    09 september.JPG

    I had some fun with splitting up the colors   J 

    Sans titre.jpg


    And today I went also to the yearly-day-meeting of the quilters of Brabant-Wallon & Bruxelles and I had a great & fun day.


    One shop was invited, and I know it so damn well that I have enough stuff … but I really wanted to provide some support to the Belgian economy …


    And honestly would you have resisted to this tiny small little tin box with those little angels begging you to take them in your hands?




    And to these small sheets of felt with such a nice buttons that fits so well with it …




    I didn’t!! 

    I worked hard on my quilt for the exhibition of next month in Edingen (1/3 is done so far)


     and I also did my demo, and you’ll be reading about it here in one of next days ! Give me just some time to prepare the message…




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