• the elephant bag


    My last sunny-project is finished, and also the sunny warm terrace weather.
    Rather windy today, a little sunshine, a lot of clouds …

    crochet bag.jpg


    I had already a small crochet bag, well for my hooks and my WIP’s(*) and WAF’s(*) but a little small to keep my knitting stuff too.

    - It’s funny to see that only in my quilting I’ve got a box with UFO’s … -

    So I decided a while ago to make a bigger one for my knitted WIP’s and WAF’s. And so I showed you last week my bag-to-be.

    It’s finished!


    elephant bag 1.jpg

    I used a lot of handspun natural off-white wool (slightly irregular fiber to work with needle or hook 4-4,5) and double yarn of socks wool in variegated colors. I think a little 600 gr of the natural wool and three balls of 100 gr socks wool (thin, about 400m on 100 gr). All hooked with a 4,5 to have a very strong tight and solid result. It might be harsh to work so firmly, but if your bag needs to stand up on its own, without any filling, it’s necessary to hook the stitches so closely.

    elephant bag 2.jpg

    Starting with a chain with a length of 2/3 of the final width of the bottom, then passing on sc (=single crochet - maille serrée) all around, thus on both sides of the chain. On the ends of the chain, I make three sc to turn (idem later on each corner).

    elephant bag 3.jpg

    From second row on I always put the hook in the two loops of precedent sc, except when I passed from the bottom of the bag to the body. There is one row where I hooked only in the back loop, so you obtain a little line in your crochet-work, made by the front loop of former row. It marks the transition between bottom and body. In that row I slipped also the three sc of the corners, so that I go straight upwards.

    elephant bag 4.jpg

    It might be necessary to slip one or two more sc in some of the next rows. That’s depending of the yarn, of the tightness you hook; just have a look that your work is going up. You can rectify the turn upwards easily in the first two to ten rows of the body, without having any problems of design. Your bag won’t be “bubbling”. I hope I’m clear and everyone understood this …

    The final measurement of this one is 50 cm large, 15 cm deep, and 30 cm in height. This Knit-Bag is about a third bigger than the Hook-Bag and it can store a sturdy knit-work!

    elephant bag 5.jpg

    I put a real leather & black bag handle from Prym on it. 
    The handle comes already punched with little holes so that it makes it easy to sew it on your bag. (Click here for info)

    elephant bag 6.jpg

    And then I put on the embellishments:

    Some big black elephant buttons, very beautiful ones I bought on a fair a while ago, and some rings sold in shops with beads and pearls. It’s normally used for necklaces.

    Then came a lining: also an African fabric, so it’s stays in the same safari-mood.


    elephant bag 7.jpg

    And now I can start knitting … for my grandson who was planned for end of August and is still waiting to show his little feet!



    (*) WIP = work in progress / WAF = work almost finished / UFO = unfinished objects




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