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    The new ELLE Fashion for next season is in the bookstores and I usually buy it, just to see what I can keep in my wardrobe and what’s to go to be “recycled”,
    besides the stuff I absolutely want to keep because I feel soooo good in it.
    Not that I blindly follow fashionistas and their –sometimes- strange brain-twisting,
    but I just look at the idea and trend of clothing.
    Anyway, you see in the streets rarely the identical image like it is presented in fashion magazines.

    So, my eye catches these things.

    The poncho!  You can’t miss it in the next season.


    I love it and I started knitting the one of Bergère de France (in Tourbillon, a gorgeous light yarn).
    I just think I’ll adapt it a little – I don’t like the fringes.
     Look at the prices of these from the magazine.
    Mine might be knitted in not the cheapest yarn; it will still be less expensive than the Hermes one…


    Further I love most of the knitted items (except the shoulder-white-bizarre-thing that the model wears upon a beautiful sweater; you might wonder why…), or at least some interesting details. Especially a lot of relief-stitches.



    So, all to your knitting needles, and start making your own sweaters and vests!
    It’s the weather for it: yesterday a beautiful sunny day, today a dark grey rainy day; typical Belgian weather…
    Anyway, have a nice day;
    I go knitting a little …


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