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    Wednesday I had my demo Prym for the «little knitting dolly» in Brugge (Veritas Steenstraat).

    Not the big ones, not the sock-loom, but these:

    The ones with 4 pegs, manual and semi-automatic with handle (it’s going so fast!!!).


    And especially for this afternoon, I worked with the one with eight pegs. This is the big one, more suitable for thick yarns, fantasy yarns, and cords among so many materials you can use.


    If you want some lecture about the little knitting dolly, look at this site from Spool Knitter and go (click) further in her links.  

    It’s rather interesting what such a little tool can do in the hands of Crone Findlay (click).

    As I was showing how it works, I could as well make something …


    So my ball of yarn became a long thick cord, which I pleated in two and rolled up and it is now … a little snail.




    It’s already in the little hands of little Q with a special message!

    He’s born in Namur, one of the symbols often associated with this city is … yes, a little snail!

    Look at these two sites:      click    &     click

    So now little Q has got his very own little "caricole"
    that he can grab with his little fingers,
    he can put it in his mouth to taste it,
    he can twist and play with it!

    macarons namurois.jpg


    & because V&M with little Q came back home from Namur, they gave me some sweetness from LA MAISON DES DESSERTS.



    nice weekend for you all  Knipogen


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