fabric painting frivolite au crohcet

  • Little quilt 50*50cm is finished !

    I made a little batik(laran) painting in the Miao-workshop of last year and now it became a quilt of 50*50cm, as required for the national exhibition in october at Edingen.

    This was the beginning : 

     bits & pieces # 4  laran paint

    Then I took leftovers of jeans, in different tones, some reverse to obtain another hue and I stitched borders around. No design, just feeling and going on piece by piece. An upper border in 'chevron'style, a little crazy element and an uncomplicated border, a few white ric-rac-braids between and it became like this :

    bits & pieces # 4 nude

       ....  but  I found that it was so nude, so sober, even after quilting with a sparkling metallic thread, so I started with my other passion : crochet and cro-tat and I played with my collection of blue threads of different sizes and embellished my little quilt a little.

    And now it is okay for me, I like it !

    bits & pieces # 4 jean indigo

    You want to see it in real ??

    Visit the exhibition in Edingen from 15 till 18 october ! You'll see a lot of 50*50cm quilts from members of our national guild, as well as a lot of other quilts.

    I'm finishing the one I'll show for the category of 'my favourite quilt'. As soon as it is ready, you'll see it here first!

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