• calendar 02



    This year,
     I have a very a-typical odd curious calendar with pictures
    that – at first sight – don’t fit the month …
    except if I search a little further …


    This month, February, normally cold and wet,
    still wintertime, not much alive in the garden
    and yet I find a picture with exuberant red roses in the garden, flowering as heaven … of course!
    It is Valentine’s this month, therefore be loved and love   
    J !!!!!



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  • Calendar February



    Here we are already in second month of 2013 !

    First of all:


    Happy Birthday to my wonderful daughter !!!




    And then for all of you,

    hope your month will start well

    (better than the grey sky full of rainy clouds over here…)

    Keep on smiling ! 28 days long …



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  • calendar - February


    February on my calendar : a lot of coffee beans …

    The classic usual Coffee Break
    as we know it right now
    was first promoted in 1952 by the Pan American Coffee Bureau.

    Before that, it was totally unknown in a workplace and unbelievable that you could stop working
    just to take a cup of coffee …
    but since the up come of instant coffee and vending machines,
     it is actually very normal to ‘break’ your morning or afternoon,
     sit down, relax a little, or stay on your feet while having a chat with colleagues or friends
    while drinking a warm comforting cup of this dark magical good smelling potion.

    That’s what I’m doing on this moment, but on my own, in front of this screen and picture !

    02 februari.JPG

    Also remember that February is the shortest month of the year, the only one with fewer than 30 days.

    And this year, as we have a leap year, we’ve got 29 days!!

    In leap years, it’s also the only month that will end on the same weekday as where it began !!!

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