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  • old stuff (no, not talking about me....)

    As I bought this week a gorgeous book for baby-clothes to knit, I took back in my hands the magazines Nadine gave me a couple of weeks ago after having cleaned out some bookshelves (and she’s not yet becoming grandma, daughters and son are a little too young).

    I really love to look at this kind of books,
    because I can’t do it without smiling.
    It gives me every time again, a joyful and pleasant feeling.

    Enjoy with me a publication dated from before my birthday!!! It’s thus really old …
    It’s a French edition, the price is mentioned in “old francs”, those francs are from long long long ago…


    I think my daughter is killing me if I would knit this jumpsuit (or how have I to describe it?) that you see in the center of following picture (even if it seems a practical little cloth for a wriggling baby).
     Except the socks that are still up to date, I don’t think she would appreciate the models shown on this page   


    And this one is another …

    It’s a magazine from Femme Pratique - Femmes d’Aujourd’hui.
    And Femmes d’Aujourd’hui is a magazine that we still find now in the bookstores, but with total different items and in a (luckily) more modern version … not very feminist in those days!

    And they had a shop in Brussels where you could buy the yarn and needles!  It’s like an old story that starts with … in that time, there was once …


    layette 3.jpg

    I love the commercials. Even after more than half a century, we still make the same gestures! How comforting!
    Unlike now, they used a lot of text to announce their stuff in their advertisements. Now it’s all in an image or picture with the name of the object in big fat letters; in those days you had the whole story written down with every detail explained.

    layette 4.jpg

    And after reading this “waggish” article, I hope you’ll all start the week-end smiling and happy.



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