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  • end of october ...


    In the last HandwerkenZonderGrenzen

     On the first page was announced …


    And as I saw her work in Koëln earlier this year, (click here to have the link)  and I loved it so much, I was thinking … why not???

    And just an hour ago, my mailman ringed, and brought me this …


    It won’t be for this week, not next week either, have to finish some other stuff I’m working on, but I'll make that hat definitely for this winter!
    And they say I have enough wool in the kit to make two ...


    And I went to the local bookshop for my weekly TV-magazine (even with the grid of programs on my TV in real time, I can’t miss the gossip in a magazine, consider it as a bonus …J),
    and I saw this book…


    Look with me and see why I love it:
    gorgeous pictures (not mine, those in the magazine!!),
    cute objects and stuff to knit, a lot of ideas …
    and of course not enough time to make it all!!!





    And further for today? A sunny afternoon, probably (if the weatherman isn’t wrong) this weekend too, so, with this view, I’ll be busy on my terrace, reading, writing, knitting, working … having a nice time!!!







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