• babyquilt

    A baby needs a lot of cozy feelings with a lot of warmth. So a baby-blanket is a must in its baby-life. I could hook one … or knit one … and I quilted one.

    I choose flannel for the top - three turquoise-green: one with squares, one with bubbles, and one with little owls and swirls. All from the collection of Valori Wells (available on this site, at least this is where I got mine, probably in many shops and other sites too).

    When I made it, I was in a very good mood (look at the left on the pic….). With such happy colors, it would be difficult not to love sewing!



    In between I took a pure cotton filling and on the backside a super tender fleece, also from the collection of Valori Wells: the same little owls on a row.




    Quilting has been done, also sewing machine, but in very sober curved lines. Not too much, to keep it soft.

    The final binding is done with turquoise cotton that came out of my stock and fits wonderfully to the colors of the flannels and fleece.

    On the back I sew a label = French for made with love by grandma.


    It’s about 90cm wide, so big enough to wrap in double around those tiny little feet and hands, and later on, to go on the little bed.



    I wish a very nice “national day”
    to all my Belgian visitors
    for tomorrow.

    I’ll be enjoying my days at Prym Consumer in Stollberg,
    discovering new items,
    trying and testing different stuff,
    meeting the other demonstrators,
    talking a lot with the staff …

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