• next bus project


    As I said in a posting some time ago, and as you all guess too, I started another bus-project in crochet.
    The easiest to do, is still a “granny-thing”.
    And I can tell you that, since school started again, a lot of kids are smiling (more a grimace or sneer) when they see me starting such an “antique-and-soooo-old-stuff”!

    I don’t bother … I continue hooking my little squares!

    It would become a bigger coverlet than the precedent one and I’m using only wool I’ve got in my stash.
    So it will also be a more colorful mix, though I tend to stay in tender soft tones … like soft blues and greens, a little purple, some greys, a little sparkle of black and red or burgundy …

    I took also a sock-wool, and I must say that I particularly love the mixture that it makes in a granny. No rows clearly defined, but a potpourri of colors on a same row, and sometimes the color comes back in a corner, sometimes it’s very diverse.


    Thus will it be very varied: grannies in the traditional way with change of color in every row (or every two rows) and grannies in sock wool and the mix of both.

    Very relaxing, don’t look on what ball of wool I take, just need to fit my 2,5 hook!

    Can it be more fun? Already 80 done with 4 rows, but they’ll be growing!


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