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    On Ravelry, where you can find some of my patterns, you’ll also find a lot of more patterns and photos of everything and every kind of garnment that can be knitted or crochet-hooked.

    And from time to time,
    I let myself getting seduced by one or another pattern
    (although I still prefer my brain and fingers figure it out by them self…)

    So when I was searching for a crochet-shawl-project for travelling, I looked for something simple and easy where I could quickly pick up and put down my WIP (work in progress).

    I came first on the Elise Shawl from Evan Plevinski, which is a simplified version of the South Bay Shawlette.
    I had one ball (100gr. about 400m) of Lang MilleColori in vivid rainbow colors
    and I thought that I would give it a try.
    And it worked wonderfully well ...




    Look at my “all seasons color”  (on Ravelry :clicclic) . Just for the border I added a leftover from a ball of Drops Delight







    Then I found another one who looked very easy to do, surprise it had the same center, but another more feminine border “Alphabet” from “Faerie Fiber” (clicclic).
    And here I took a 100% silk, very fine from Handmaiden and Ito Niji, which is a 100% very fine wool.
    And i made my "luxurious WoolSilk"
    Those two together in total different color ways worked out very nicely.

    Click here to see it on Ravelry...





    Both took me only a few hours as they were done with a big hook comparing the thickness of the yarn, but it’s just that what makes them so aery and so lacey!

    When I see the other pictures of projects with these two patterns, I see it works very nice also with thicker yarn.

    Both patterns are free, so don’t hesitate!





    Voici les deux patrons trouvés sur Ravelry (gratuit) qui ont le même dessin au centre mais qui ont d’autres bordures et qui sont la version simplifiée et plus simple (plus économe en laine!) de la South Bay Shawlette ;
    il s’agit de ‘Elise shawl’ et ‘Alphabet’.
    Allez voyager sur le site de Ravelry !
    C’est en crochetant avec un gros crochet que j’ai obtenu cette finition aérée et légère, ce qui m'amène à redire qu'il ne faut pas hésiter de prendre des crochets-aiguilles plus grosses que le numero indiqué sur l’étiquette de la pelote de laine pour changer totalement le ‘look-final’ d’un ouvrage.


    Et n’oubliez pas de me faire un coucou la semaine prochaine :
    Aiguille en Fête, porte de Versailles, Paris, 
    Stand RueDuFil C.2.3 et EditionsCarpentier E.3/F.4.2
    Je prépare pour l’instant mes modèles de démo 
    que vous verrez en avant-première …
    ici dans quelques jours !!!



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